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The Ranger ~ Class of 1993 

'There is one 
good, knowl- 
edge, and one 
evil, igno- 
rance.' — 



1 Ranger Road 
Methuen, MA 01844 


Table of Contents 

Faculty 3 

Underclassmen . 13 
Activities .... 19 

Sports 41 

Activities . . 87 
Portraits . . . 129 
Patrons 168 






Special Thanks To . . . 

Mr. Moore . . . what can we say? You're the greatest! We missed 
you so much when you were out of school because of the car acci- 
dent. We were so glad that you were able to come back for the end of 
the year. We owe you a million for handling the "international re- 
lations" problem and "senior section" problem — you know what 
we mean! There's no way we could ever repay you for all the flack 
you've taken on our account and for all the times you've allowed us 
to interrupt your class. Because of all your help and guidance, as well 
as the leniency you've given us in putting together our yearbook, we, 
the 1993 yearbook staff, co-dedicate this book to you. Thank 
you! V 

Mr. Moore 

Mr. Salemi! You are another favorite of the staff! Whether you 
know it, or not, we are deeply indebted to you for all your help 
during Mr. Moore's absence. I can't count the number of times 
one of us interrupted your class to get the receipt book, or keys, or 
pictures from you — and not once did you get upset. You always 
had a smile on your face and were willing to help us out with any- 
thing, from bounced checks to irate faculty members! Mr. Salemi, 
we hope that you will be pleasantly surprised when you see this — 
it is a token of our appreciation for all of your kindness and the 
extra effort you put in to insure that the yearbook ran smoothly 
without Mr. Moore. Mr. Salemi, we would like to co-dedicate this 
year's book to you. Thanks! V 

Mr. Salemi 

— lbo>n«M> fib/* EMwh- 


Mr. Charles P. Littlefield 
Superintendent of Schools 

Dr. Elizabeth Keroack 
Assistant Superintendent of Schools 

Dr. Marilyn Harris 
Assistant Superintendent of Schools 

Arthur Nicholson 

Caroline Adams 
Title 1 

Lisa Alaimo 

Joseph Austin 

Occ/Voc Education 

Department Head 

Alton Bailey 

Gary Banks 
Special Education 

David Belliveau 

Karen Bergeron 
Physical Education 

Patricia Borucki 
Occ/Voc Education 

Richard Bowers 

Fine Arts 
Department Head 

Linda Boxleitner 

Lois Boynes 

Richard Brain 
Occ/Voc Education 

Dean Brouder 

Daniel Burton 

Judy Cade 

Home Economics 

Dept Head 


(W " " 







Joseph Caruso 
Foreign Language 

Diane Climo 
Special Education 

Mary Coleman Kennedy 
Special Education 

Marie Comeau 

Nancy Cook 

aine Crane 

William Cullen 

Richard Czarnec 

Diane Dandreta 

Adele Demers 



Industrial Arts 
Department Head 

Social Studies 


Anne Marie DesRoches 
Home Economics 

Gary Dionne 
Special Education 

Jackie Dirsa 

Marilyn Dufton 

Anne Eckman 

Charles Eksoozian 
Title 1 

Pat Emiro 
Program Assistant 

Paul Fiorentini 
Social Studies 

Marianne Flynn 
Title 1 

Joseph Forseze 

Robert Fradette 

Roger Fuller 

Gerard Gagne 

Joyce Gagnon 

Joanne Gallagher 



Foreign Language 



Department Head 

Department Head 

Regina Giglio 
Special Education 

William Gosselin 

Physical Education 


Patrice Grande 

Kathy Green 
Occ/Voc Education 

Carolyn Griffin 
Special Education 


■ . . Jr^^ - ; ' ; -' 




|l ■ 


Shawn Gurry 

Douglas Hallbauer 

Karen Hallbauer 
Foreign Language 

James Healey 
Social Studies 

Daniel Herlihy 


Judy Hiller 

Kenneth Hoffman 

Alvin Huebner 


Department Head 

Michael Hughes 

Social Studies 

Department Head 

Mimi Hyde-Stott 
Physical Education 

Sherri Isbister 
Fine Arts 

Doreen Keller 

Edward Kelley 
Industrial Arts 

Dennis King 

Larry Klimas 
Physical Education 





t H 



Anne Marie Krusell 

Gloria Lampier 
Program Assistant 

Sharon Landers 
Special Education 

Gary Lane 

Milton Lebowitz 
Occ/Voc Education 

Carole Levesque 
Foreign Language 

Leonie Longshore 

Neil Lynch 

Linda Lyons 
Occ/Voc Education 

Jean Matthes 
Essential Skills 

Peter Mazzaglia 

Michael McCormick 
Social Studies 

James McDermott 
Physical Education 

Dorothy Mcintosh 
Program Assistant 

Susan McGrath 

Marion Minahan 
Head Secretary 

John Moore 


Department Head 

Marianne Moran 

Margaret Moynihan 

John Nigrelli 
Social Studies 

wi**> \ 

tji ML 





Mario Pagnoni 
Occ/Voc Education 

Elaine Palmer 
Program Assistant 

Walter Pare 
Occ/Voc Education 

Patricia Pelletier 
Program Assistant 

Ann Marie Pinet 

Mary Pollard 
Program Assistant 

Julie Pomerleau 

Frank Rapisardi 

Trudy Redmond 
Special Education 

Rhonda Rhumshotel 

m . 


Joseph Robillard 
Physical Education 

Robert Rosmarino 
Social Studies 

Peter Salemi 

Margaret Samaha 

Anthony Sanderson 

Rita Sanguedolce 

Carol Scalera 
Social Studies 

Donald Sestini 

Barbara Sexton 

Betty Shaw 
Program Assistant 

Ellen Sicard 

Frank Simone 

Donald Smith 

Jennifer Smith 

Joyce Solomon 



Social Studies 

Department Head 

Title 1 

Claire St. Pierre 
Occ/Voc Education 

Steven Sudol 
Occ/Voc Education 

Noreen Tanglis 

Beverly Taylor 
Foreign Language 

Loisa Troia 
Title 1 

Brian Urquhart 

Kathy VanHorn 
Foreign Language 

Mary Viscosi 

Susan Wagner 
Fine Arts 

Patricia Walsh 
Occ/Voc Education 

David Whiting 
Social Studies 

Cindy Wilcock 
Foreign Language 

Frank Yelle 

Carol Young 
Special Education 

John Ziminski 


The Faculty of M.H.S 


1U £<4wit *( M.HS. 


FRESHMEN -Class of 1996 

Class of 1995 


JUNIORS ~ Class of 1994 

(L-R) Renee Biancardi (Sec), Tammy Schubert (Pres.), 
Rachel Campbell (V,P.), Amy McQuilkin (Tres.) 

ft ' * 

mm* A jm. 


" 4 .. i i 







Back L-R: Laura Sanderson, Kristen 
Longo, Sarita Patel, Kelly Lane, Chris- 
tine Albert, Tim Currier Middle L-R: 
Jamie Lane, Kerrie Valcour, Dawn Bis- 
tany, Cori Miner, Mike Grassi, Jill 
Oulette Front L-R: Kerri Tombarelli, 
Lorna Mathieu, Katie Gigilo (T), Beth 
Ferland (VP), Tracey Sunderland (P), 
Kevin Donohue, Lynne Sarao — N.P. 
Melissa Ventrillo (S), Frank Chiola 


Back L-R: Joe Cerami, Katie Giglio, David Chiola, Laura Sanderson 
Front L-R: Kevin Donohue, Tracey Sunderland, Melissa Ventrillo 



Seniors — Back L-R: Joe Pagnoni, 
Jennifer Bourassa, Julie Juknavorian, 
Joe Cerami Middle L-R: Jennifer 
Kuchar, Allison Lynch, Chris For- 
gione, Dina Desmet, Amanda Rufe- 
nach Front L-R: Vicki Lebel, Scott 
Bettano, Brian Benoit, Christine 
Leone, Kelly LaDuke, Linda Arcidia- 
cono. Tammy Borucki 



4th L-R: Catherine Fiorilla, Michelle 
Rivera, Miranda Mushow, Jen 
Kuchar, Snow, Arnold 3rd L-R: 
Jeanes, Melissa Grieco, Jalon Fowl- 
er, Chirag Patel, Beth Ferland, Robin 
Beeley, Allison Lynch, Dina Delli- 
colli, Carl Khali) 2nd L-R: Gowell, 
Packard, Christine Leone, Greg Naf- 
fah, Elaine Samaris, Chrisann Sev- 
oian, Gina Ford, Erin Soley, Sarao, 
Wright 1st L-R: Lane, McQuilken, 
Salem, Biancardi, Picarillo, Nolet, 
Bhadola, Burke, Carret-NP: Jason 


Gina Ford — Vice President, 
Greg Naffah — Historian, 
Elaine Samaris — Secretary, 
Chrisann Sevoian — Treas- 
urer, Erin Soley — President 


Back L-R: Amy Grelle, Amanda 
DiMauro, Chirag Patel, Greg Naffah, 
Humberto Zelic, Joe Cerami, Lisa 
Zaremba, Jill Ouellette Front L-R: 
Jalon Fowler, Cortney Mustapha, 
Elaine Samaris, Chrisann Sevoian, 
Gina Ford, Erin Soley, Catherine 




«.' /M Mr ^^1 

j 2> i 

; | ^^T^ ^^^B ^V 1 . Eft j ^H 1 

v ^^Ii B mi #P* ^W 

^ff^l If' f "1 11 E L # it 

il A 1 

Back L-R: Shawn Doreghty, Kieth Pierce, Aaron 
Phipps, Steven Kennher, Sean Shapiro Middle L-R: 
Rebbecca Constintino, Thy Phan, Leeann Martelle, 
Amy Cornellier Front L-R: April McLean, Jennifer 
Osgood, Michelle Miller, Janice Bashford, Nicole 
White, Erica Max, Young Kim 


4th L-R: Julie Juknavorian, Elizabeth 
I Drew, Melissa Drew, Tracy Bellevance, 

■ Annie Brown, Michelle Michaud, Jen 
IHamel 3rd L-R: Jen Grille, Jen Dube, 

■ Lynda Arcidiacono, Meghan Bailey, 

■ Lenny Bretton, Bryant Clark, David 

■ Slipp, Nicole Blanche 2nd L-R: Dave 
JGosselin, Mike Moreau, Gerald Du- 
Iquette, Natalie Balch, Sabrina Auteri, 

■ Ben Hellman, Jill Packard 1st L-R: Carrie 
lHamman, Stephanie Hamel, Catherine 

■ Fiorilla, Jodie Sipsey, Jenn Lutz, Erin 

■ Kelly, Melissa Grieco, Danielle Robare 


Child Development II 

BR: (1-r) Laura Hull, Tracy Archibald, Jennifer 
Trovato, Rachael Troia, Katherine McAndrew, 
Christy Caston, Rebecca Baldwin FR: (1-r) Dawn 
Young, Holly Drew, Julie Juknavorian, Kathy 
Lambert, Colleen Kenyon, Maribel Mendez, Ms. 


BR: (1-r) Janice Bashford, Heather Mancini, 
Cindy Leclerc, Alesha Hughes, Julie Sama- 
taro FR: (1-r) Chris Cardone, Jodie Student, 
Sabrina Autieri, Jeff Zanni 

Different Colors Club 

BR: (1-r) Mireille Farah, Sze Kam, Julie Samataro 
Alesha Hughes, Tim Theberge, David Chiola, Rosa 
Chiola MR: (1-r) Ms. Isbister, Dayo Ibraheem, Rachel 
Campbell, Heather Roy, Janice Bashford, Annie Brown 
Regina Weldon, Kerri Tombarelli FR: (1-r) Christine 
Leone, Mandy Fradette, Amy Comellier, Sheree Bash 
ford, Christine Yee, Poe Chan, Bunthan Chan SITTING: 
(1-r) Melissa Grieco, Michelle Rivera, Remmy Ibraheem 

International Club 

Senior Members 


BR: (1-r) Rebecca Sharrock, Joy Grassi, Kristen Francis, Amy Grelle, Humberto Zelic FR: (1-r) Beth Fox, Cortney 
Mustapha, Pina Russo, Elaine Samaris, Gina Ford, Erin Soley, Chirag Patel 



The band had quite a great season, but it began 
on a down note when they were disqualified at 
their first competition because of too many peo- 
ple. By moving into division III, the situation 
was remedied — now the band could have more 
people and compete with larger teams. Though 
the new competition was tough, Methuen fared 
well, placing fourth out of fifteen bands in the 
New England area. Besides competing, the band 
played during half-time at the football games. 
They provided comic relief in addition to musi- 
cal entertainment during the Superbowl Game 
— the muddy field caused people to go slipping 
and sliding everywhere, while the cold tempera- 
ture and rain froze the instruments and made 
them sound out of tune! 



* :j( MH&&S 

From the start of their season in 
August , the goal of each of the 1 7 mem- 
bers of the colorguard was to have a 
winning season. The long and demand- 
ing late night and early morning prac- 
tices paid off when the colorguard 
earned first place in every competition 
they entered. The squad, captained by 
Amy Grelle and Tracey Bellevance, 
kept their spirits high, even through 
such setbacks as a disqualification due 
to a mix-up in numbers (one extra per- 
son). The season climaxed on Novem- 
ber 1 at Marching Band Finals at Bos- 
ton University. For the first time in 12 
years the colorguard won the champi- 
onship title — a perfect way to top off 
an unforgettable year. 


Concert Band 

BR: (1-r) J. Garrand, T. Foster, R. Student, M. Santoro, 
A. Garant, J. Cahoon, L. Bretton, M. Finocchario, S. 
Patel, S. Hamel, M. Dicosta, J. Baik MR: (1-r) D. Slipp, 
P. Rock, B. Buck, T. Harvey, J. Grillo, S. Latulippe, M. 
Johnson, B. Clark, S. Brag, M. Michaud, J. Hamel, T. 
Greenward, S. Leal, J. Dube, D. Vicente, D. Botta, C. 
Mills FR: (1-r) M. Bailey, C. Hamman, N. Balch, G. 
Duquette, M. Moreau, M. Grieco, M. Miller, E. Drew, 
M. Bellavance.D. RobareJ. Packard SITTING: (1-r) H. 
Drew, M. Berg, D. Gosslen, D. Young, J. S., T. Belle- 
vance, J. Lutz, N. Blanche, E. Kelley, C. Fiorella, M. 
Drew, L. Brown 

Jazz Band 

BR: (I-r) C. Hamman, M. Bailey, M. Drew, T. 
Harvey, B. Buck, P. Rock, D. Slipp, D. Botta MR: 
(1-r) L. Bretton, M. Finocchario, T. Greenwood, J. 
Baik, J. Dube, J. Garand, A. Garand, J. Packard, M. 
Berg, J. Cahoon FR: (1-r) D. Young, M. Miller, G. 
Duquette, N. Balch, M. Moreau, D. Gosselin, J. Sip- 
sey SITTING: (1-r) S. Latulippe, C. Mills, M. 
Grieco, L. Brown, D. Rober, B. Clark, R. Student 


BR: (1-r) David Slipp, Bryant Clark, Rick 
Watson, Lenny Bretton, John Cahoon, Annie 
Brown MR: (1-r) Catherine Fiorilla, Paula 
Dube, Heather Smith, Stacey Parker, Sonja 
Cormier, Jennifer Hamel, Cristine Cardone, 
Stacia Tokowitz, Elizabeth Smith, Merideth 
Shea, Sheri Kirby FR: (1-r) Dawn Young, 
Lynda Arcidiacono, Nicole Blanche, Julie 
Juknavorian, Sabrina Autieri, Ben Hellman, 
Nicole Angelone 


Dance Club 

BR: (1-r) Michelle Michaud, Kelly 
Sionme, Jennifer Hamel, Catherine 
Debrocke MR: (1-r) Melissa Bella- 
vance, Elizabeth Drew, Stephanie 
Buck, Tracy Bellavance, Annie 
Brown, Marie LeMay FR: (1-r) Me- 
lissa Drew, Nicole Blanche, Tara 
Morrissey, Holly Drew SITTING: 
(1-r) Amy Grelle (C), Julie Jukna- 
vorian (C) MISSING: Beth Page 


BR: (1-r) Dawn Young, Melissa Drew, 
Natalie Balch, Tasha Harvey, Melissa 
Bellavance MR: (1-r) Catherine De- 
brocke, Annie Brown, Elizabeth Drew, 
len Dube, Ben Hellman FR: (1-r) Tara 
Morrissey. Julie Juknavorian, Jen Lutz, 
Amy Grelle, Nicole Blanche, Sabrina 
Autieri, Holly Drew 



Mike Hoffman, Bryant Clark, David Slipp, and John Cahoon carry Julie Aziz off the stage 


Students put on a production of the musical "Pippin" on Feb. 4 in 
front of a sold-out crowd. The musical, directed by Mr. Gori, was 
about Pippin (played by Sal Delmonte), the son of Charlemagne j 
(Lenny Bretton) and his struggle to "find" himself. In an effort to do 
so, he experiments with sex, power, and other vices, only to discover ' 
that just being ordinary is okay. Other characters were played by I 
Sabrina Autieri (Catherine), Julie Aziz (Granny), John Cahoon 
(Louis), Heather Mancini (Fastrada), Julie Juknavorian and Catherine 
Debrocke (Dancers), and Ben Hellman (Narrator). 


rant: A. Wakim. Back: (1-r) T. Borucki, E. Sarre, D. Desmet, J. Osgood (C), J. 
Cuchar (C), T. Barnes, A. Lynch (T), C. Leone (S), A. Grelle, B. Dietz. 

The 92-93 Figure Skating Club 
showed great improvement this year 
in their four memorable per- 
formances. Senior officers Jen 
Kuchar, Christine Leone, Allison 
Lynch, and Jenn Osgood worked 
hard with coach Jen Desroche and 
advisor Pat Borucki to ensure that an 
enjoyable year was had by all. 


Desktop Publishing 

BR: (1-r) Scott Bettano, Joe Pagnoni, 
Peter Max, Carl Sylvester, Lori Jan- 
kowski, John Lacroix FR: (1-r) Mr. 
Pagnoni, Chirag Patel, Brian Collins, 
Jill Ouellette, Ellis Hall, Danielle 
Riopel, Kevin Donohue 

Academic Internship 

BR: (1-r) Kristen Bellavance, Amy Bracket, Michelle Rivera, Karla Desrocher, Remmy Ibraheem, Melissa Grieco, Dina DelliColli, Karen 
DeGloria MR: (1-r) Katherine McAndrew, Ryan Suzor, Kristen Arvanitis, Robin Quinlan, Jennifer Gillis, Kerry Aghoian, Alieen Wakim, 
Bobby-Jo Dietz, Amy Dubois FR: (1-r) Vicki Lebel, Ben Hellman, Jodi Student MISSING: Christine Leone, Amanda Folley 


Distributive Education 

4th: (1-r) Ryan Curtin, Russ Dagenais, Scott 
Bohondoney 3rd: (1-r) Jason Newton, Eric Cala- 
brese, Michelle Coletta, Kim Daly, Mike Du- 
mont, Will Allat 2nd: (1-r) Carla Thompson, 
Matthew Tine, Jennifer Cusick 1st: (1-r) Scott 
Carney, Kathie Rupkey, Heather Perocchi, 
Tawnya Clancy, Mark Delle Chiaie 

Media Help Co-op Office Help 

(1-r) Jessica Berube, Nicole Roy, Robin Quinlan 

4th: (1-r) Grasso, Sevoian 3rd: (1-r) Harrington, Rivera, Ortiz 2nd: (1-r) Mrs. Lyons, Desmet 
1st: (1-r) Ball, Rubkey, Clancy, Lambert MISSING: Quinlan, Markey 


The Blue and White 

BR: (1-r) Kate Vaughan, Laura Mancini, Re- 
becca Consentino, Aleen Saraceno, Kelly 
Kineen, Heather Mancini, Katie Giglio FR: 
(1-r) Gina Ford, Christine Leone, Jen Kuchar, 
Jill Ouellette, Chrisann Sevoian, Heather 

The Lyceum 

if 2 ffj ^^^^B St nL ' ■ MSM ^| 

1 |S fl ■ ^d 


<M : *Sff^^^^m 

Hf >*c\fi 

IT In If I IK 
F Li 1 P / lifeSb 


iiwi n 


BR: (1-r) Kate Vaughn, Danielle Ro- 
bare, Elizabeth Smith, Amy Cornel- 
lier, Erica Max FR: (1-r) Roland 
Giuffre (S-Ed), Rebecca Consentino 
(Jr-Ed), Melissa Grieco (Sr-Ed), 
Heather D'Urso, Janice Bashford 


Chess Club 

Math Team 

(l-r) Henry Gabryjelski, Sarita Patel, Heather Mancini, Masumi Patel 

BR: (l-r) Henry Gabryjelski, Beth Ferland FR: (l-r) Chirag Patel, Jin Kwon 

Science Club 

1 BR: (l-r) Jin Kwon, Brian Kobrenski, Chirag 
j Patel, Masumi Patel, Kristine Reilly FR: (l-r) 
I Robin Quinlan (Sec.), Ni Kunj Patel (Tres.), 
I Randy Gurski (VP), Sarita Patel, Melanie 
j Russo, Henry Gabryjelski MISSING: Hum 
i berto Zelic (Pres.) 


(L-R) Hanna Korkko (Finland), Andrea Besenthal (Ger- 
many), Lotte Rasmussen (Denmark), Ana DeBeascoa 



In thinking of our senior class, one thing I said comes to mind. We were asked by a reporter to 
sum up our year in one sentence. Without thinking I looked up and said, "We were all truly 
individuals that still made up a whole . ' ' This means that none of us were afraid to show our true 
colors and be who we wanted to be. When the situation necessitated it, however, we could still 
pull together as a group. But we weren't just a group ... we were the class of 1993. I have 
enjoyed being your president this past year and I look forward to seeing you in the future. Brian 
J. Collins ~ Class President -1993 


Finally . . . it's finished! What a year! Working on this yearbook has taught me so much. I'd 
just like to thank Mr. Moore for all of his help and the passes out of 6th period study! Then 
there's Beth — what can I say? You were the "key" to this yearbook! Also, thank you to the 
entire yearbook staff for all your ideas. Your thoughts and insights helped to make this year- 
book the best one yet! I hope that in twenty years we will be able to open this book and remem- 
ber these special times we all shared. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed putting it 
together — Tracey Sunderland ~ Layout editor 

Jm ^™ 

P9^^Tl ~'^^H 

Jpf* B^ * r«B 

I really hope you like the book — we really put our hearts into it. I would like to thank Jen Osgood 
for drawing the cover; Theresa Piazza for the design of the divider pages; Chrisann Sevoian for 
writing the farewell; the whole staff, and everyone who gave us pictures to use. Tracey, I owe you 
a million thanks . . . for doing such a great job and for putting up with me! Oh, and thank goodness 
the "international relations" problem is all over with . . . yah? To paraphrase Brian Collins, I 
hope you will find a place for this yearbook in your hearts and not just on your shelves. Beth 
Ferland ~ Editor 



Andover 6-0 

Billerica 0-33 

Chelmsford 30-22 

Westford 7-6 

Haverhill 30-0 

Wilmington 22-6 

Lawrence 36-12 

Lowell 30-8 

Central 32-24 

Dracut 42-0 

Reading (Superbowl) 26-19 

Despite losing two games early in the season, the 
Methuen Rangers didn't lose hope. The team, 
coached by Larry Klimas, put in a superb effort 
and rallied to win their last seven games of the 
season. The team then went on to capture the 
M. V.C. title and qualify for the Superbowl game 
on Thanksgiving Day in front of 2,000 rain- 
soaked fans. The crowd was dazzled by the 
team's 42-0 win over Dracut and a record- 
breaking 103yd punt return carry by Craig 
McKenzie which resulted in a touchdown. In the 
minds of the players, the memory of the Thanks- 
giving Day game will only be overshadowed by 
one other — the Superbowl. 
This year's team had several players that won 
All-Conference, All-Scholastic, and Ail-Star 
honors. They included: Mark Graziano, Joe 
Cerami, Jason Danella, Joe Sanguldoce, and 
Charlie Towne. Joe Cerami was also named the 
Defensive Player of the Year. In the eyes of the 
town though, everyone on this year's team was a 

Seniors: (Front Row L-R) Jeff Zanni, Chris Carney, Kevin Donahue, Craig McKenzie, Shawn Mustapha, Mark 
Graziano, Joe Cerami, Jason Danella, Joe Tavares, Lance Little (Second Row L-R) Peter Max, Jason Burt, Shawn 
Jozokos, Dan Donovan, Joe Pawlick, Craig Richard, Brian Benoit, Mike Scarpignato, Jim Tamis. 



Wm \ I 

*" """ Ml 


1 1 r^, 1 ^ 

• -,•• 


if W 

Methuen hosted undefeated Reading in the first 
ever superbowl game held at Nicholson Stadium 
on November 7, 1992. The total team effort led 
to a 26-19 win over the previously unbeaten 
team. Congratulations to the Division IIA 
Champions, the Methuen Rangers, for a great 

Game balls went to Lance Little (Andover), Joe 
Tavares and Mike Rickard (Chelmsford), Jason 
Burt (Wilmington), Chris Carney (Haverhill), 
Jeff Zanni (Lawrence), Jim Tamis (Lowell), Joe 
Pawlick (Central), and Brian Benoit (Reading). 
Joe Cerami and Jason Danella received the An- 
drew Haldane Award, Mark Graziano received 
the Outstanding Lineman Award, Peter Max re- 
ceived the Ziggy Feugill Award, and Shawn 
Mustapha and Craig McKenzie received the 
Clemente Bannano Award. 


Coach Klimas 


(Back L-R) E. Max, I. Burke, K. Nye, S. Saba, R. Campbell (Center L-R) P. Dube, S. 
Towne, K. Smith, N. White (Front L-R) A. Challinor, C. Sevoian (C), B. Ferland, (C), 
J. Keaney, K. Field. 

, ■ ] 

Highlights of the swim team's sea- 
son were the North Sectional Meet 
and the Mass. State Meet. The team 
sent five competitors to the sectional 
meet. Jen Bourassa and Beth Fer- 
land competed in the diving. Beth, 
Kerri Smith, Chrisann Sevoian, and 
Isobel Burke swam in the 200yd 
medley and freestyle relays. Beth, 
Chrisann, and Isobel swam indi- 
vidual events as well. The freestyle 
relay, which placed fourth, qualified 
for the state meet where it placed 
15th and set a new school record. 
Isobel represented Methuen in the 
50yd and 100yd freestyle events and 
shattered school records in both. 


You want to see hard work and dedication? Just 
look at this year's field hockey team. Under the 
leadership of tri-captains Jalon Fowler, Lori Jan- 
kowski, and Lori Furey, the team finished off the 
season with two wins including one against 
Andover (it was the first time Methuen beat them 
in five years) and managed a tie against unde- 
feated Tyngsboro. Fowler received M.V.P. 
honors, while Jankowski received the Betty 
Barret Award. 

(Back L-R) T. Schubert, L. Furey, Coach Piccarillo, K. Samataro, A. Salvo, K. Tombarelli, K. Griffin, C. Briggs, A. 
Moran, K. Giglio (Front L-R) L. Aziz, C. Tavares, K. Piccarillo, J. Fowler, L. Jankowski, L. Furey, J. Ouellette, D. 
Bistany, B. Fox, M. Fradette. 



> < :' : _- ' •- 






#fc .* 





'• '■ J Jt m ~M 

»'i tin 1,;: 

MM* ^;§«wp«g:j« 



,.^ v 

This year's soccer team, known for its aggres- 
sive style, produced many fine players. Seniors 
and captains Orazio Finocchiaro and John 
McGhee were the leaders of the team while 
Frank Chiola, William LaFlamme, Chris 
Forgione, and Brian Collins completed the lively 
senior roster. McGhee, who was named the 
team's M. V.P. , played on the Merrimack Valley 
All-Star Team. Junior Vasco DeMello received 

the honor of being named to the All-Conference (Front Row L-R) O. Finocchiaro (C), J. McGhee (C) (Second Row L-R) F. Chiola, W. LaFlamme, E. Riddle, C. 
AJ1 q T Forgione, B. Collins (Third Row L-R) L. Finocchiaro, J. Morin, S. McCarthy, D. Grelle, E. Furtado, Coach 

All-Mar team. Barbagallo (Fourth Row L-R) J. Dagostino, W. Avilles, C. Nguyen 



(Front row L-R) SENIORS: captains Cindy Raymond, Heather Sidley, and Darleen Miller 

After several years of absence, the girls soc- 
cer team returned . . . with a vengeance? No, 
as junior varsity. Due to the lack of upper 
classmen, the team did not play at the varsity 
level and as such "No one even knew we had 
a team?" lamented senior Cindy Raymond. 
Even so, the team worked and played well 
together. All next year's team needs is it's re- 
turning members and a few fans to cheer them 
on. No excuses, now you know we have a 
soccer team! 


This year's boys cross-country team had a record 
of 2-8, and though not the team's best record, 
Coach King had a lot of positive things to say 
about the team. He was impressed with the 
team's chemistry and their ability to keep impro- 
ving as the season progressed. King also said 
that every runner should feel proud of his indi- 
vidual accomplishments. The team was led by 
seniors Ellis Hall and Aaron Silverwatch, both 
of whom won All-M.V.C. Small School All- 
Star honors. Seniors Chirag Patal and Carl 
Khalil kept the team in high spirits with their 
lively senses of humor. 

(Back L-R) L. Yandell, M. Jaba, K. Koza, J. Khalil, C. Khalil (Front L-R) D. Perocchi, A. Silverwatch (C) J. 
Ferland, C. Patal. 



(Back L 
(C), B 

R) D. Ladd, D. Charity, H. Evans, F. Douglas, J. Shamberger, M. Bova (Front L-R) J. Gingras, B. Burnes 
Grasso, (C), R. Ibraheem, K. Jankowski 

This year's team had the talent but not the num- 
bers to give the girls a winning season. Captains 
Bethany Grasso and Brandee Burnes were the 
leaders of the team — Grasso was the team's 
model runner and Burnes offered support and 
guidance to all, even though injuries sidelined 
her. Senior Remmy Ibraheem, though primarily 
a sprinter, proved that she was a true athlete 
through her many fine performances. Grasso 
made a name for herself not only in the halls of 
Methuen High School, but in the Merrimack 
Valley Conference as well — she was named an 
M.V.C. Small School Ail-Star. 



This year's golf team had a season that was un- 
precedented in the history of the Methuen High 
School Golf Team. The team went undefeated 
with a 14-0 record and captured the M.V.C. 
Small-School Title. Seniors James Doherty, 
Kevin Ricci, and Richard Ouellette led the team 
to their many victories. The three seniors were 
honored by being named All-M.V.C. Golfers. 
Doherty set another school record by going 10-0- 
1 for the season. It's predicted that next year's 
team will fair well under the leadership of David 
Weagle and Tim Ouellette, both of whom were 
named Lawrence Eagle Tribune All-Stars. 


(Back L-R) J. Doherty, (C), T. Ouellette, K. Ricci (C), R. Ouellette (C), L. Vercellini (Center L-R) Coach Richard- 
son, D. Weagle, T. Greenwood, P. Rapazzo, K. Kwon, (Front L-R) S. O'Brien, J. Desrocher, K. Bergeron, H. 








The 1992-93 Varsity Cheerleading squad, led by 
captains Melissa Markey and Christina Ber- 
geron, had an outstanding season from the start. 
At camp the team won the Top Team Award and 
a bid to the national competition in Dallas, 
Texas. The squad also consisted of three Ail- 
Americans, including Melissa Markey, Trina 
Tobacco, and Amy Beaulieau. The year was 
filled with much enthusiasm and the winning of 
the Superbowl made it especially memorable. 

W\s*"- # 

(Back L-R) Tara Marrow, Kristen Dinati, Jodi Towne, Jill Ouelette, Mandy Gomez, Trina Tobacco, Liz Daly, Nicole 
Pelletier, Katie Danahy, Julie Markey (Front L-R) Christina Bergeron (C.) Melissa Markey (C.) Missing from photo: 
Stephanie Byrnes and Kerri Valcour. 



The girls volleyball team improved from last 
year to end the season with a 7-1 1 record. They 
earned respect in their league by winning tough 
matches against Billerica and Haverhill. This 
year's captains, Tracy Novak and Tracey Sun- 
derland, along with Amy McQuilken and Diane 
Mowatt were selected for the M.V.C. All-Star 
Team. Tracey Sunderland was the team's 
M.V.P., Tracy Novak received the Coaches' 
Award, and Elaine Samaris was the Most Im- 
proved Player. 

(Back L-R) K. Kinneen, K. Bialobrzewski, R. Biancardi, S. Michaud (Center L-R) D. Mowatt, 
Noelet, J. Bashford (Front L-R) E. Soley, T. Novak (C), T. Sunderland (C), E. Samaris, D. 

You want me to jump over this? 

I feel like Chicken Tonight . 

Look Ma, no hands! 

s -;iiiirsinmu jiUHi! 

» .* * * I 






Hey Jalon, where'd the ball go? 

Should I be jumping? 

4~i- : » 


Do I have sexy legs, or what? 

A face only a mother could love. 

You put your left foot in . 



fflHMHH»&/ : «3l 

, : H^^H 


Once again the cheerleading squad's 
efforts were a success. After a long 
football season, the cheerleaders 
still had plenty of spirit left for 
basketball. The squad's enthusiastic 
cheers and formations, no doubt, 
helped the boys to capture the 
M.V.C. Small School Title. 
Although the team had its ups and 
downs, captains Melissa Markey 
and Christina Bergeron insured that 
they all performed well together as a 
squad. Katie Danahy was named as 
the most improved cheerleader and 
Melissa Markey was named the 

(Back L-R) K. Danaghy, N. Pelletier, T. Merrow, L. Daly, J. Markey (Middle L-R) J. 
Towne, M. Gomez, A. Bealieau, J. Oulette, T. Tobacco, K. Dinati (Front L-R) S. 
Bymes, Melissa Markey (C), Christina Bergeron (C), K. Valcour 



Back (L-R) Logrippo, Johnson, K. Lane, Rotondo, Dubiel, Gowell, Deacy, Ronsivalli, Coach Kevin Gendreau. 
Middle (L-R) Decoteau, Anctil, Miner, J. Lane, Brucato, Oliveri, Hamel. Front (L-R) Beeley (C), Bourassa (C). 

The girls gymnastics team began their season 
with a new coach, Kevin Gendreau. The team's 
consistency was due to senior veterans and cap- 
tains Jennifer Bourassa and Robin Beeley, as 
well as next year's captain Jaime Lane. For the 
first time in 13 years, the team went undefeated, 
capturing the MVC dual-meet championship. 
The team also had a strong 7th place finish at 
North Sectionals. Also claiming an undefeated 
season was senior Robin Beeley. She captured 
the MVC League, North Sectional, and State 
Championship titles. At the state meet, Robin 
won floor, vault, and balance beam. She also left 
her mark on the MHS record board — 37.6 all 
around, 9.55 beam, 9.7 fx, 9.3 vault, and 9.35 



' ^ NC& 9 

The boys' season started off on a bad 
note when senior John Feugill broke 
his elbow during the first minute of 
the first game of the season. The sea- 
son ended much better, though, 
when the team clinched the M.V.C. 
Small School Championship title by 
finishing 14-8 with a win over 
Tewksbury. Bob Ruggerrio (C.) 
was named Small School M.V.P. 
and All-Conference All-Star, while 
Eric Denise (C.) and Juan Torres 
were named to the M.V.C. All-Star 
Team. Team awards were given to 
Ruggerrio (M.V.P.), Denise 
(Coaches Award), Joe Pagnoni 
(Most Improved), and Matt Curran 
(Bruce Blood Memorial Award for 
most assists). 



Back (L-R) K. McLaughlin, D. Mowatt, L. Jankowski, C. Briggs, J. Cassidy, A. Moran, K. Giglio, Mimi Hyde-Stott. 
Front (L-R) M. Stewart, Michelle Dailey, E. Soley, C. Tavares, K. Kineen. 


The girls' basketball team once again won the 
MVC Small School Championship with a record 
of 13-7. Captain Erin Soley and her assistants 
Michelle Dailey, Kelly Kineen, Megan Stewart, 
and Christina Tavares led the team while the 
playing of seniors Courtney Briggs and Lori Jan- 
kowski added to the success of the team. The 
girls had tough competition this year, but the 
season was ended prematurely with a loss to 
Lexington in the first round of the state tourna- 
ment. Basketball fans should expect great things 
next year from this young team. 


Seniors: Front Row (L-R) Brian Collins, John Jankowski, Frank Chiola (C), Lance Little 
(C), Mark Graziano, Joe Carta 

With familiar faces such as Brian 
Collins and captains Frank Chiola, 
and Lance Little returning for a 
fourth season, the Methuen wres- 
tlers captured another winning sea- 
son (24-5). The three seniors and 
junior standout Rafael Brito once 
again earned a spot on the M.V.C. 
All-Star Team. Unfortunately, the 
post-season won't hold fond mem- 
ories for these seniors; Collins and 
Chiola left the sectional tourney via 
ambulance and Little lost a heart- 
breaking 4-2 decision in the semi- 


Back: Barry, O'Heam, K. Ricci, Roukes, Cox, Grelle, L'ltalian Middle: Morgano, K. Dube, M. Dellechaie, J. Doherty, £ , ,-" " * 
C. Harris, Dubiel, Cagliuso, Kwon Front: Pomerleau, C. Simoes, M. Kobrenski, R. Ouellette, T. Marsh r 


£ * 

The hockey team made it to the first round of the 
state tournament and finished their season 15-4- 
3. Leading the team were tri-captains Rich 
Ouellette, Chad Simoes, and Mike Kobrenski. 
Seniors Kevin Ricci, Jim Doherty, Mark Delle- 
chaie, and Chris Harris also had fine seasons 
while Kevin Dube and Tim Marsh made great 
contributions coming off the bench. The team 
won the Nashua Invitational Holiday Tourna- 
ment and set a school record for winning 16 
games straight. Ted Dubiel, Dave O'Hearn, Jeff 
Morgano, and goalie Sean Pomerleau were 
selected to be in the Small School All-Star 
Game. Also selected as All-Stars were Ouel- 
lette, Simoes, and Ricci. Hardworking sopho- 
mores Brett Cagliuso and Jeff Roukes proved 
that they will be key players to look for next 



"The Methuen girls did what?" 
That's what area coaches said 
when three skiers from Methuen 
qualified for the state meet this 
year. The three, senior captain 
Beth Ferland, junior captain 
Amy McQuilken, and freshman 
standout Kerry Nason, were also 
regular placers in the league's top 
10. Nason went on to qualify for 
the New England Championships 
at Gunstock. Also skiing well 
were seniors Miranda Mushow 
and Lotte Rasmussen, and junior 
Renee Biancardi. Overall, the 
team skied well and ended the 
season at 4 and 6. 


Back (L-R) T. Theberge, R. Carson, J. Thorton, J. Burton Middle (L-R) M. Jutras, T. Bergeron, B. Kierle, J. 
D'Agostino, P. Rock Front (L-R) Bill LaFlamme, Will Allat, Shane Pierce (C), Chris Carney (C), K. Pierce 

An accident early in the season side- 
lined one of Methuen's best skiers, 
Shane Pierce, for the entire season. 
Fortunately, the team could count on 
the abilities of its remaining three 
seniors, Will Allat, Chris Carney 
and Billy LaFlamme, to gain some 
recognition for the team. The three 
frequently placed in the top 10 in 
their races and Carney and La- 
Flamme were named as Lawrence 
Eagle Tribune 2nd Team All-Stars. 
Next year, the team can expect to see 
some dazzling skiing from captains- 
elect Keith Pierce and Troy Ber- 



Seniors: Front (L-R) Ryan Herra, Aaron Silverwatch, Chris Forgione, Joe Pawlick, JoelCoppeta(C), Ellis Hall (C), Jeff 
Zanni, Carl Khalil, Dean Drouin, Jason Burtt. Team manager: John Hogan 

The 1992-1993 winter track season was another suc- 
cess for the Rangers. Ellis Hall, Joel Coppeta, Craig 
Mackenzie, and Jeff Zanni captained the team to a 
respectable 4-4 record. Aaron Silverwatch was dom- 
inant in the mile and the mile relay posted the best 
time in the league. Chosen as Merrimack Valley All- 
Stars were: Ellis Hall, Joe Pawlick, and Jason Burtt. 
Up-and-commers are freshman Jeff Anselmi in the 
hurdles and sophomore Jeff Ferland in the distance 



Back (L-R) Little, Rousseau, Jankowski, Patel, LaCasse, Albert Middle Back (L-R) Bova, Piccarillo, Max, Bulapka, 
Lebel, Tavares, Mathieu, Evans, Shamberger, Rovinski Middle (L-R) Conely, Piazza, Douglas, Gallant, Ouellette, 
Fowler, Nolet, Tomberelli, Crafton, Piccarillo Front (L-R) Captains: Grasso, Sevoian, Ibraheem 


">%^»l <w ^^-~ 

The girls track team won yet another M.V.C. Small 
School title for Methuen this year by going 6 and 
against its small school competitors. The efforts of tri- 
captains Chrisann Sevoian, Lorna Mathieu, and Beth- 
any Grasso, and junior Rita Gallant were integral to the 
success of the team. Mathieu and Gallant were named 
All-Conference Performers for their respective sprint- 
ing and throwing abilities. The 4x200 relay team of 
Sevoian, Ibraheem, Mathieu, and Joy Conely scored a 
victory at the Class A State Relay Meet. Sevoian's in- 
dividual feats should also be noted. The holder of mul- 
tiple school records, she hurdled all the way to New 
Englands where she placed fourth. 



BR: (1-r) Coach Pagnoni, D. Mustapha, A. Gabryjelski, G. Swett, B. Ruggiero, M. Curran, Coach Robillard MR: (1-r) M. 
Ruggiero, T. Minnicucci, E. Jeanes, M. Grassi, Steve Campagnone, Jim Tamis FR: (1-r) Joel Coppeta (C), Mike 
Kobrensk'i, Keith Cadieux, Joe Carta, Jeff Diprima, Brian Benoit 

The team finished off it's regular season 
with a 9-12 record, scoring wins against 
Central Catholic, Haverhill, Chelmsford, 
Lawrence, two against Dracut, and three 
against Tewksbury. One of the most 
charged games of the season was against 
Dracut, in which the Rangers trailed 14-1 
but made a spectacular comeback in the 
sixth inning, scoring 14 runs off of 12 hits, 
to jump ahead 15-14. A continued effort in 
the final innings sealed the victory . . . and 
a slice of the M.V.C. championship title. 
Awards went to Joel Coppeta (M.V.P.), 
Brian Benoit (Coaches Award), and Mike 
Kobrenski (highest hitting average). 



(Back L-R) Coach Habib, T. Schubert, M. Daly, R. Campbell, M. Klier, Jalon Fowler (C), Jessica Crafton (C), Lori 
Jankowski (C), Cortney Mustapha, A. Moran (Front L-R) Danielle Riopelle, H. St. Louis, H. DeAngelo, C. 
Piccarillo, T. Nolet 



Had it not been for injuries, the soft- 
ball team might have improved upon 
their 9- 11 record. Christina Tav ares 
and Melissa Ventrillo were sidelined 
for the season, while Melanie Klier 
and Tara Nolet were forced to play 
with injuries. Despite those obvious 
setbacks, the team did manage to 
shine, producing three All-Stars 
(Lorie Jankowski, Jalon Fowler, 
and Michelle Dailey), and two All- 
Conference players (Jalon Fowler 
and Michelle Dailey). Other awards 
were given to Tammy Schubert 
(Coaches Award), Rachel Campbell 
(Most Improved), and Jalon Fowler 




5 1 -.' 

^r^H 1 !* a 


(2nd row from front L-R) Brian Collins, Lance Little, Carl Khalil, Jeff Zanni, Chris Carney (behind him: Jason Danella), 
"House" (behind him: Mark Graziano), Chris Forgione, Joe Sanguedolce (Front row L-R) Captains: Jason Bum, Ellis 
Hall, Joe Carami, Joe Pawlick 






*=*?- . 

V %Js, 

4j The Rangers fell one meet short of 
| >&J the M.V.C. title in a dramatic loss 
against Tewksbury. Captains Ellis 
Hall, Joe Cerami, and Joe Pawlick 
"ran" the team, as fellow captain, 
Jason Burtt, paved the way in the 
throwing pits. Lance Little, Mark 
Graziano, and Jeff Zanni threw their 
hearts into their events, while the 
quartet of Brian Collins, Aaron 
Silverwatch, Carl Khalil, and Chris 
Frogione went the distance. Chris 
Carney tried to pole vault his team to 
victory, while Jason Danella did 
everything (and every event) he 
could to aid the Ranger's cause. 


i 4 ,-■ ' 

^* * 

i* ! >.'j tip 

i rot ? pirn 


'"a. --,,■■4 c^i &tt:AW..« 


tl^r j& 


(Front Row L-R) Seniors: Bethany Grasso, Beth Ferland, Erin Soley (C.)> Chrisann Sevoian (C), Remmy 
Ibraheem, Lorna Mathieu 


The season finished with the team being M.V.C. Champions 
with a 6-0 record. Add to that the fact that the 4x 100 relay team 
of Chrisann Sevoian (C), Lorna Mathieu, Kelly Kinneen, and 
Diane Mowatt were state champs . . . and set a meet record . . . 
and Sevoian repeated as the 100 meter state champ and you can 
see just how great this year's team was. Sevoian went on to 
place 3rd at All-States and 4th at New Englands . Erin Soley (C . ) 
won the discus at the Andover invitational for the second year 
and placed 6th at All-States. Lorna Mathieu, Remmy Ibraheem, 
and Bethany Grasso also deserve recognition for their high- 
caliber performances at the state meet and throughout the sea- 


Their 3-13 record was far from stellar, but the boys' tennis team did 
make some strides this year. Kevin Ricci, the team's co-captain, 
M.V.P., and first singles player proved he was a mighty force to 
contend with in the Merrimack Valley. Richard Ouellette, the other 
captain of this young team, improved his game by leaps and bounds 
to be named the teams' Most Improved Player. Lac Nguyen, quick 
and dangerous on the court, completed the senior roster. Next year 
with the leadership of such players as David Carrol (Coaches Award) 
and Brian Kobrenski, the team looks forward to winning some more 
matches and improving their record. A hint though . . . start doing 
some major recruiting! 

(Back L-R) Coach Smith, D. Cianciolo, D. Carrol, N. Patel, B. Kobrenski, J. Bragg ( 
Kevin Ricci (C), Richard Ouellette (C.) 


i a*J Pi 

Back (L-R) Coach Nelson, N. White, L. Metropolis, M. Patel, R. Biancardi, I. Burke, M. Hanley. Front 
(L-R) Allison Lynch, Elaine Samaris (C), Tracey Sunderland (C), Jen Kuchar. 

After a rough season last year, the girls' tennis team 
proved that they had found the key to success this year. 
Captains Tracey Sunderland and Elaine Samaris along 
with fellow seniors Jen Kuchar and Allison Lynch played 
strongly all year long and were integral to the team's first 
5-0 sweep of a team in four years. The unlucky team was 
Tewksbury — just one of the 4 teams to be beaten by 
Methuen this season. Lisa Metropolis played first singles 
and Jill Packard and Isobel Burke played first doubles. 
Tracey Sunderland and Nicole White played 2nd and 3rd 
singles respectively, while Elaine Samaris, Allison 
Lynch, and Jen Kuchar all played in 2nd doubles spot. 
Lynch received the Coaches Award, Packard the Most 
Improved, and Sunderland the M.V.P. 81 


The boys' record fell to 4-1 1 under the guidance of rookie 
coach Mark Blanchet. The team also had to contend with 
loosing five starters from the previous year. Nonetheless, 
proudly leading this year's team were captains Troy Couture, 
Kevin Donohue, Craig Richard, and fellow senior Scott 
Bettano. On a positive note, Troy Couture was named as a 
2nd team All-Scholastic player and Scott Bettano was named 
as an M.V.C. All-Star. The two were also named as the 
team's M.V.P. and Most Improved Player, respectively, 
while sophomore Mike Jutras received the Coaches Award. 


(Front row L-R) SENIORS: Troy Couture (C), Kevin Donohue (C), Craig Richard (C), and Scott 


I need an FTD Pick-Me-Up Bouquet. 

Whoa! That last one was a doozie! 

Hey, this isn't a good time to be playing in the sand 

Ow, that hurt! 

Look out, I'm coming in for landing! 






The football team was the toast of the town 
when they captured the M.V.C. crown. They 
got a lot of attention , but it was well deserved . 
Their hard work and dedication paid off and 

they were 



able to win 
a. title for 
and "Uncle 
Larry" to be 
proud of. 

Unlike their classmates on the football team, 
the golf team didn't get the credit they de- 
served. So here goes . . . ATTENTION 
ORD. Well, boys, I hope that did you justice. 

Indoor Track 

Girls indoor track, under the direction of 
Coach Blood, won a title as well. Thanks 
to the efforts of seniors Chrisann Sevoian, 
Bethany Grasso, Loma Mathieu, Remmy 
Ibraheem, Jessica Crafton, Jalon Fowler, 
and Jill Ouellette. The 4X200 relay team 
of Sevoian, Ibraheem, Mathieu, and Joy 
Conely was also state champ. 

Girls B-Ball 

The girls basketball team is a perennial power 
and this year was no exception. Captain Erin 
Soley and seniors Lori Jankowski and 
Courtney Briggs can be given much of the 
credit for the team's success. The underclass- 
men though, including sophomore standout 
Christina Tavares, were integral to the work- 
ing of the team and should not be forgotten. 


Boys B-Ball 

A % 


1991- 19 92 i 






I3&Z I 









Boys basketball matched it's female coun- 
terparts this year by scooping a M.V.C. 
Title as well. Tired of being over- 
shadowed, the boys. . .ermen. . .rose to 
the occasion and won some games when it 
counted. Now that they have gotten a taste 
of victory, what will the future hold? A 
battle of the sexes? Wait and see! 

Gymnastics Spring Track Baseball 

The girl's gymnastic team was a pleasure to 
watch this year, thanks to the talents of sen- 
iors Robin Beeley and Jennifer Bourassa. The 
team went undefeated on it's way to capturing 
the M.V.C. Title. The post season was nice 
too, as Beeley wrecked havoc at the state 
meet and walked away with four state titles. 


••tesT TEAM SCORE 132.7 


'itmmtx robin beelet 


'ly i **gpp* iiiotLi - tT 


f mm wwr beeley 






The girls spring track team deserves a big 
round of applause . They captured the M . V . C . 
Title with an unbelievable 6-0 record. 
Everyone contributed to the teams success. 
Congratulations to the 4x100 relay team of 
Chrisann Sevoian, Lorna Mathieu, Diane 
Mowatt and Kelly Kinneen who set a meet 
record and became state champs. Sevoin also 
was state champ in the 100 meter. Also sen- 
iors Bethany Grasso, Beth Ferland, Erin 
Soley and Remmy Ibraheem all deserve a ton 
of credit. 

Even though the salutatorian inadvertently 
snubbed the baseball team at graduation 
and left them out when mentioning the list 
of team which had clinched M.V.C. titles, 
the team can rest easy. They will now be 
remembered for eternity as being one of 
the 1992-1993 teams that won an M.V.C. 
Title. This team didn't know the meaning 
of the words "give up." They didn't give 
up when they were behind 14-1 in the 6th 
inning and came back to win the game and 
the title! 

NIC CHAMPS .53Z 7 2ft8» / & 


JUNIOR PROM ~ April 10, 1992 




■ ^. 

w ° ^ 

" ^B R 






■ ' ' 



(L-R) Kasia Januszewski, Rachel Troia, 
Rebecca Baldwin, Joe Pagnoni 

Brian Collins, Jen Bourassa, Gina Ford, Melissa Markey, Craig Richard, 

On Novemer 6, 1992, the crowning of this 
year's Homecoming Queen took place. De- 
spite the cold weather, the stands were packed 
to watch the event. The excitement of the 
evening reached it's climax when Rachel 
Troia was crowned the ' 'Class of 1 993 Home- 
coming Queen" by last year's runner-up 
queen Kasia Januszewski. Miss Troia was es- 
corted by senior class president Brian Collins; 
her court consisted of first runner-up Jen 
Bourassa, second runner-up Melissa Markey, 
and third runner-up Rebecca Baldwin. For the 
queen and her court, it was a night that they 
will never forget. CONGRATULATIONS! 




pr \ 

«*<n 1 ] 

W / 

bpt^w «*^^3^^B 




This year's Powder Puff Football 
game was held in the field house 
due to inclement weather. The 
senior girls, coached by Craig 
Richard emerged from the play- 
ing "field" with a 6-0 victory 
over the underclassmen, who 
were coached by Frank Chiola. 
The one and only touchdown of 
the game was scored by Chrisann 
Sevoian aided by great blocking 
from Jill Ouellette. The cheer- 
leaders proved to be more of a 
spectacle than the players, as 
they entertained the crowds with 
dancers, cheers, and pyramids. 





; 12/ 


3B 9a 




r - JP* 

Stacey Bastek and Jill Ouellette each scored two goals while 
Beth Ferland added another en route to the seniors' 5-0 victory 
over the underclassmen. Goalie Christine Leone earned an in- 
Back (L-R) K Milton, R. Ibraheem, T. Sunderland, A. Lynch, J. Ouellette, J. Kuchar, S. Bastek, goal shut out for the seniors. Many thanks to the great coaching 
F. Douglas Middle (L-R) A. Wakim, B. Ferland, C. Raymond, H. Sidley, R. Quinlan Front: C. . rr> . , ,~ „ „., „. ,. . T . ^ , 

Leone tno or Richard Ouellette, Mike Kobrenski, and Jim Doherty. 


Clumsy Custard Horror Show 

Student Director: Christine Leone 
Amy Boheme: Amy Cornell ier 
Swashbuck: Erik Bateman 
Worfle: Julie Juknavorian 
Princess: Sabrina Autieri 
King Dumb: Cortney Mustapha 
Dacron: Ben Hellman 
Alphasia: Gina Ford 
Malforce: Brian Collins 
Polly: Tracey Sunderland 
Ester: Melissa Markey 
Head: Jennifer Kuchar 
Sir Prize: Ronny Lizardo 
Sir Vival: Allison Lynch 
Sir Cumference: Keith Bistany 
Clumsy Custard: Amanda 


Theresa Piazza 

Michelle Rivera 
Ushers: Tammy Borucki 

Mandy Fradette 

Jodie Sipsey 

Michelle Miller 
Turkey Spider: Jen Bourassa 
Juggler: Henry Gabryjelski 
Jester: Robin Beeley 
Boliba Egel: April McLean 








mSm: r - 

WW '* 


1 H 

■ r 1 


/ ] 

^B ■ ., M . 

■ i:t v|| 

I | K. ' "*T" BSdELssK* 


§ • it $«ft£L 

I <* 

ft :..^JM 

1 Jl * J 


On April 29, the third annual Lan- 
guage Arts Awards Night was held 
to honor 50 students in grades 5-12 
in the Methuen Public Schools. 
Awards were given to students for 
their work in the classroom and also 
for their extracurricular achieve- 
ments in drama, public speaking, 
journalism, and The Lyceum. The 
following seniors were honored this 
year: Jim Kwon and Chin Yu 
(Teachers 1 Award), Beth Ferland 
(Outstanding Achievement), Lac 
Nguyen and Oanh Tran (ESL), Ben- 
jamin Hellman, Cortney Mustapha, 
and Gina Ford (Drama), Melissa 
Grieco (The Lyceum), and Allison 
Lynch (Public Speaking). 


■m- W WL 


- •»• ' 


\ 1 

^^r I 


W ■, 

■ i 







June 5, 1993 

" . . .It takes a great deal of courage to do what is right . Only the coward goes along 
with the crowd against his better judgment. Like the lion, you will have to live with 
yourself if you lack the courage to stand by your convictions . . . Listen to your 
heart. Let yourself love and be loved, for it is a very lonely world if you don't ... As 
you leave the grounds of Methuen High, remember to always follow you own 
yellow brick road ..." Erin Soley ~ Valedictorian 

"... I'm not going to tell you to be successful, if you think that success means you have to 
become a doctor, make $200,000 a year and show up in a Porsche at the ten year reunion. 
Instead, I am telling you to have pride. If you have pride in your work, then no matter what you 
do , how much money you make , or what kind of car you drive , you will be successful . To prove 
to you taking pride in your results in success, you must look no further than your own classmates ..." 
Beth Ferland ~ Salutatorian 

"... The world is like a giant canvas, laying, waiting, for 
the brush of an artist to convey to its emptiness color, vi- 
brance and life . . . Although each of us will paint a different 
picture we will have captured the actions of one another and 
incorporated them as a source of inspiration ..." Jennifer 
Kuchar ~ Honor Essayist 


sJfii r 

". . . as we bid our final farewell, please don't 
only save a place on your book shelves for our 
yearbook, but also a place in your hearts . . . [for] 
the people you met along the way in your voyage 
through Methuen High ..." Brian Collins ~ 
Class President 


Ellis receives his diploma from school-comittee member Giglio 

Two Methuen grads celebrated their graduation on June 7, instead 
of June 5, like their classmates. Instead of at Nicholson stadium, 
the location was Boston ... at the WEEI Sports Radio station to be 
exact. The two grads were Ellis Hall and Chrisann Sevoian, both of 
whom are on the track team and popular members of their class. 
Being the fantastic athletes that they are, both qualified for the All- 
State track meet that was scheduled for. . . you guessed it . . .June 
5, the same day as graduation. For different reasons, both chose to 
attend the track meet. For Ellis, there was scholarship money riding 
on his performance at the meet. For Chrisann, one of the top hurdles 
in New England (she placed fourth at the New England Champion- 
ships), the All-State meet and the New England meet, for which 
one must qualify at All-States, are the pinnacle of four years of hard 
work, dedication, and sacrifice. That is no cliche either ... I have 
personally witnessed the hours Sevoian has spent perfecting her 
event (mostly without coaching) as well as the injuries sustained in 
her attempt to do so. The choice was still not an easy one for either 
of the two to make — they and their families regretted the fact that 
they would have to miss their graduation. So, when sports radio 
personality Jimmy Myers learned of their plight, he invited them 
and their families to a celebration to be held at the radio station. 
Valedictorian Erin Soley (who attended the meet as well, but was 
able to make it back in time for graduation) and Class President 
Brian Collins were also invited to the event to read some of their 
speeches. Julie Rourke, who missed her own graduation last year 
for the same reason, and Remmy Ibraheem, who qualified for the 
meet but decided to attend graduation, also went. Everyone who 
went traveled in style (in chauffeured Limos) to Boston, where they 
were greeted by Channel Seven News and Jimmy Myers who pre- 
sented flowers and gifts to Chrisann and Ellis. After receiving their 
diplomas and celebrating at the station, the whole procession then 
traveled to Manchester where a club owner had invited the whole 
entourage of graduates, family, and friends to a party. Entertain- 
ment was provided by Ellis's father and his band called Project 
Insight; their music a mix of blues, jazz, rock, and funk. Although 
these athletes would have no doubt liked to participate in their own 
graduation, a great time was had by all on this special evening and it 
will be a memory that they will cherish forever. 

Chrisann receives her diploma from school-committee member Zanni 


King and Queen 

Craig Richard & Heidi Heinz 







Apollo and Venus 

Joe Pagnoni & Rachel Troia 

Flirt and Cassanova 

Melissa Markey & David Pimentel 


Nicest Smile 

Shane Pierce & Jen Bourassa 

Mutt & Jeff 

Jason Burtt & Cathy Fiorilla, 
Jeff DiPrima & Laura Hull 

Nicest Eyes 

Jim Tamis & Jen Griffin 

Most Preppy 

Richard Ouellette & Joy Grassi 

Best Dressed 

Jessica Crafton & Shawn Dill 

Baby face and Brute 

Heather Sidley & Mark Graziano 

Cupid's Couple 

Ellis Hall & Jill Ouellette 

Best Friends 

Tim Marsh & Chris Harris 

Best Friends 

Lynda Arcidiacono & Tammy Borucki 


Class Clowns 

Kevin "Cheezy" Donohue & Lorna Mathieu 

Most Talkative Most Obnoxious Laugh 

Ryan Herra & Courtney Briggs 

Shawn Jozokos & Christina Bergeron 


Most Likely To Succeed Most Athletic 

Greg Naffah & Erin Soley 

Joe Cerami & Chrisann Sevoian 

Most School Spirit 

Brian Collins & Tracey Sunderland 

wmi Methuen High School 


Gtft; Ctow Of 1S84 


Most Shy 

Colleen Murray & Aaron Silverwatch 


- -f Jalon Fowler & Frank Chiola 

— -, ," 

Class Storyteller 

Shawn Mustapha & Lori Furey 

Most Musically Talented Most Artistic 

Amy Cornellier & Aaron Phipps 

Keith Kryzynski & Julie Juknavorian 

2^v / '- ^| 

: A^MHfl 

Class Actor and Actress 

Ben Hellman & Sabrina Autieri 


Mr. and Ms. Attitude Life of the Party 

Erik Denise and Beth Ferland 

April McLean & Mike Scarpignato 

Worst Drivers 

Beth Fox & Lance Little 




Hope you always get your 
own way in life. 

Ma & Dad 


We know that through your 

dedication you are bound to 

reach the top rung in all 

your goals. We're proud of 


Mom & Dad 

John Barbagallo 

Robin Beeley 


Your head was always in the 

sky. We wish you all the 

success in your flying 



Mom & Dad & Tina 

Is this really the meanest 
football linebacker in the 
Merrimack Valley? 

Jennifer Bourassa 

Joseph Cerami 




Your loyalty, self-confidence, and 
terrific sense of humor will assure 
future success and happiness. 
Cherish these wonderful traits and 
use them frequently. We are proud 
of your achievements, and filled 
with a special joy in seeing the 
kind of person which you have grown 
to become. We love you very much. 

Mom & Dad 


Look at you and Jess. Little 
toddler friends and still good 
friends in high school. We are very 
proud of all your accomplishments 
and we wish you a future filled 
with love, happiness, health, and 


Dad, Mom & 
Your "4" 

Jessica Crafron and Melissa Markey 


Good luck and God bless! 
Love always, 
Mom, Dad, 
Paul, Peter, & 

Oh! What an attitude!! 

Jim Doherty 

Beth Ferland 



We wish you luck in the 
future, but, Henry — is this 
really you??? 

I wish the class of '93 the 
best success in the future. 

Henry Gabryjelski 

Tammy Gilchrist 


Congratulations! You've 

made us very proud. You're 

the greatest! 

Mom & Dad 

May all your dreams come 

Christine Leone 

Heidi Heinz 




As always, we are so proud 

of you and your many 

accomplishments. Our wish is 

that all your dreams become 


Love always, 

Mom, Dad, Greg & Colleen 

Dear Erin, 

May you always be as happy 

as you were in this picture. 

We are very proud of you. 
Love ya, 
Mom & Dad 

Allison Lynch 

Erin Sarre 


I wish you many days in the 
sun since you've definitely 
been the sunshine in our 
lives. Congratulations on 
your many achievements 
and especially for being that 
very special "you". 






Now is your chance to 

follow your dreams. We are 

with you all the way . . . 

With much love, 
Tim, Pat, & Teddy 

Tracey Sunderland 

Bryan Winn 


ft>££V££ VOUNG 

HAy t&t Coo/. Lo\4- It M/iX& you 

yeMH* WtA>y xoa/. you wAth. 

f\uj- n*Ay 44*4*4&ht AuJ. ^A{^hCv% 

Suviou+J. you y/fittx you- \t fa. yu>*h* wo***> 

t\i»4- n*Ay you- <a*w to It j^ouA., AiftpstfluL, A+J. tiut 

fiyst do uvfo otfrtw m you J. fait Aoyjt to you. 

f>t CCWlA£U>U4 AuJ. It (fXAVt 

f\uj. l*% n*y btArit you 11 Aty/Ayi itAy r&vtvt\ Vouu^C 

rwutvoi iou^C 

HAy CcoA- fatfaht (it M/$$. you 

WAy yowv WW tidU Ct ltu>4+C 

fU**U- A itA^wJAy to fatAVt** 

VJ'-M. A ^AA^Ot 0\ A \1ACaIo-J* 

P\i»J. *+Ay you. <hOJt\ Lovt vfv i/Aiu, 

f\uJ. If*. *t*y fctArit you v/*lL \t<»*A*h. fewti Vcu**C 

rcitvtA, Sou**/, 

f\yj. M/foh- yOU. fahAlly fty An/Ay 

I'll U iof^C tUX \ 1VH/U. you. Mttll 

fot, Alt t&t H/itMw* c% A ufctUtu. 

No out, ca+s t*jt\ tilt 

&ut yiwAl/t*Jt\. \oAA. you (fcoevt 

\ *h- WM ItfcihJ- you v/^h- o\ Loot 

ro\tMt\ Voui»C . . . 

rctevti YOU4+C 


Special Messages 

Booger: I'll Miss U! Lil 

Christine Leone 

Look out world 

Here comes 
Brian J. Collins 

To: #2 Kid + Sister: 

Now we'll Find out what it's like 
not to be rushed out of the bath- 
room in the morning so you can 
do your "do" in the mirror. 

Congrats ! ! 
D.O.D. + Kid #1 

Shawn says: 

Good luck class of '93! 


^- 'SJBT' "\ 11 


;T ~ .r | 

1 * '" PH 

■ / 

» <► * 


ii, A 

v ,^^^^^^H! 



L/fvite^ ic/e jfahA-t jUvUjtd- m/c \jfJLL. 



Fred Abou 

Jermaine M. Adams 

Ambition: "To be WWF Champion and 
to rule the world!" 

Kerry-Anne Aghoian 

Fr Bowl; Intern (4). Ambition: "To own 
my own jewelry business and to remain 
healthy and happy." 


Sean A. Alaimo 

Big Red 
"To become a famous car- 

William Allatt 

Ski Team (1-4); Co-op Ed (3,4); Bldmbl 
(4). Quote: "Herfkilgut is friends with 
Fluffnah ... as they throw red coconuts 
at Gilligan's father!" 

Allison Andrews 

S-Ball (1); AHS (2,3); Co-op Ed (4). 
Ambition: "To become a hairdresser and 
someday own my own salon. Also, to get 
married and have a happy family." 

Robin Andrews 

Tracy Archibald 

Co-op Ed (3,4); Child Dev I + 11. Ambi- 
tion: "To be successful in whatever I may 
do and whoever I may be with." 

Lynda Arcidiacono 

Intl Cb (1); Lyceum (2,3); Chorus (2-4); 
MuHS (3,4); Prldrs (4); Model UN (3); 
Class Play (4) . Ambition: "To be success- 
fill and happy in whatever I do." 

Kristen Arvanitis 

Intern (4). 

Matthew B. Augusta 

Ambition: "To join the army and pursue a 
career in law." 


Sabrina M. Autieri 

MuHS (1-4); C-Band (1-4); Clr Gd (3 ,4); 
Class Play (4); Musical (2-4); Amnesty 
(1-3); GLEC (1,2,4); Model UN (3). 
Quote: "In three words I can sum up 
everything I've learned about life: It goes 
on." — Robert Frost 


Lorie S. Aziz 

F-Hockey (1-4); SpHS (4); Prldrs ( 1 ,2,4); 
S-Ball (1,2); B-ball (1,2); Model UN (3); 
Spanish Cb (Sec 3). Ambition: "To be a 
pediatrician." Quote: "Now may the 
warming love of friends surround you as 
you go." — H.L. Marshall 

Nathalie G. Balch 

MuHS; M-Band (1-4). Quote: "We may 
all blend into the future, but we will never 
forget the past." 

Sandra Jean Balcius 

Tennis (2); Prldrs. 

Rebecca Baldwin 

Bldmbl (4); Child Dev I + II (3,4); Co-op 
Ed (3,4). Ambition: "To stay in touch 
with my close friends and to be successful 
in whatever I choose to do." 

Tara Ball 

Co-op Ed (4); Child Dev I; Walkathon 
(4). Ambition: "To be successful in 
everything I do and to make my dreams 
come true." 

John Barbagallo 


Tammy Lynn Barnes 

Soccer ( 1 ); F-Skating (3,4); Intl Cb ( 1 -3); 
Prldrs ( 1 ); Ambition: ' 'To make it through 
college without getting in another car ac- 

Brian Paul Barrett 

VISIONS Student Council (1-4), 
VISIONS Fundraisers (1-4), Sci Fair (2- 
4). Ambition: "To pursue a career in the 
field of art." 

Sheree M. Bashford 

Soccer (1); S-Track (1,2); D.C. Cb (1-4. 
Ambition: "To become a Fashion Mer- 

Stacey Bastek 

Hockey (3,4); S-Ball (1); Tennis (2-4); 
W-Track ( 1 ); Prldrs (1,2). Ambition: ' To 
graduate from college and make more 
money than my brother." 

Erik J. Bateman 

Hockey (2); Tennis (2); GLEC (3). 
Quote: "Poetry, fine art, music, or any 
creative field, we are striving to bring 
beauty in our environment; that desire to 
create beautiful things stirs in every 
heart." — Cherokee artist 

Allison Beaudry 

Quote: "Wat's up Buddy!" 


Robin Beeley 

Gymnastics (1-4C); NHS (2-4); Yrbk (4); 
P-Puff F-Ball (3,4); S-Olymp (3). Quote: 
"Courage is the art of being the only one 
who knows you're scared to death." 

Joel R. Begin 

Quote: "Where's the party?!' 

Kristen R. Bellavance 

Intern (4). Ambition: "To go to college 
and work in the medical field." 

Tracy Jean Bellavance 

Swimming (1-3); S-Track (1); Dance Cb 
(1,2); MuHS (2-4); Model UN (3); C- 
Band ( 1 ); M-Band ( 1 ); Clr Gd (2,3C,4C); 
Wntr Gd (4). Ambition: "To become a 
successful veterinarian." 

Melissa Belluardo 

VISIONS Student Council (1-4); 
VISIONS Fundraisers (1-4). Ambition: 
' 'To have a good job and to be surrounded 
by family and friends." 

Brian O. Benoit 

F-Ball (1-4); Baseball (1 -4); W-Track(l); 
Model UN (3). 

Michael Berg 

M-Band (4); J-Band (4). 

Christina C. Bergeron 

Chrldr (1-4C); Class Play (4); P-Puff F- 
Ball (1-4). Ambition: "To be a nurse and 
to stay close with all of my friends for- 

Francine C. Bertorelli 

Ambition: "To get a good job right after 
school and not forget friends I'm leaving 

Scott Bettano 

B-Ball (1-4); S-Track (1); F-Ball (2); V- 
Ball (4); Prldrs. Ambition: "To own my 
own business right out of college and 
spend the rest of my life on the beach." 

Lee Bisson 

Ambition: "To graduate and prove that 
waking up for school was 'worth it'." 

Jay A. Bistany 

M-Band (1-4). Ambition: "To become a| 
famous musician." 


Keith Bistany 

Wrestling (2); V-Ball (2); S-Track (1); 
Prldrs (1). 

Nicole Blanche 

Clr Gd (4); Wntr Gd (4); Chorus (1-4); 
C-Band (4); Dance Cb (3); Prldrs (3); 
Model UN (3). Quote: "There are two 
ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the 
difficulties or you alter yourself to meet 
them." — Phyllis Bottome 


Christine Boone 

"To become successful and 
Quote: "Happy, happy! Joy, 

Tammy Ann Borucki 

F-Skating (1, Sec 2 + 3,4); MuHS (2-4); 
P-Puff Hockey (1-4); Tennis (1,2); Class 
Play (4); Prldrs (3,4); Chorus (2-4); 
GLEC(2,3). Quote: " I finally figured out 
the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it. " 

Kevin A. Boucher 

Ambition: "To be very successful in 
whatever I decide to do in life." 

Karen Jean Bouraphael 

Super 'K,' Kacie 
Prldrs (2,3); Class Play (2,3); SADD 
(2,3); EAS (2,3); Bldmbl (4). Ambition: 
' 'To be an official tourist in every known 
country, to be remembered, not recalled, 
and to finally beat Eric @ Street Fight- 

Jennifer Jean Bourassa 

Gymnastics (1-4C); Swimming (3,4C); 
Prldrs (1-4); Class Officer (4); Intern (4); 
P-Puff F-Ball (4); Class Play (4). Ambi- 
tion: "To become a commercial airline 
pilot, and to always keep the faith." 

Amy Brackett 

P-Puff F-ball (4); Eval Committee (4); In- 
tern (4). 

Holly Bragg 

S-Ball (1). Ambition: "To be successful 
in life and to always keep in touch with 
friends and family." 

Courtney Briggs 
F-Hockey (1-4); B-Ball (1-4); S-Ball 
(1,2); P-Puff F-Ball (1,3,4); Prldrs (1-3); 
Model UN (3); Intl Cb ( 1 ,2); D.C. Cb (3). 
Ambition: "To be free from all the 
worries in the world and to never have to 
lead a 'normal' life." 

Jack Brown 

Brandee Lyn Burnes 

X-Country ( 1-4C); W-Track (3); S-Track 
(1-3); Model UN (3); P-Puff F-ball (4). 
Quote: "I never think of the future. It 
comes soon enough. " — Albert Einstein. 


Jason T. Burtt 

F-Ball (3,4); Track (3,4). 

Keith R. Cadieux, Jr. 

Baseball (1-3). Quote: "Live for today!" 

Stephen Campagnone 

B-Ball (1-4); Baseball (1-4). 

Tracy Lynn Carnett 

Ambition: "To become a beautician and 
to own a successful business." 

Christopher Carney 

F-Ball (1-4); Ski Team (1-3C.4C); S- 
Track (3,4). Ambition: "To make all 
those voices in my head stop once and for 

Scott J. Carney 

F-Ball (1); B-Ball (1); S-Track (1). 
Quote: "Niiice!" 

Joseph Thomas Carta, Jr. 

Wrestling (2-4), Baseball (2-4). Ambi- 
tion: "To win the Megabucks and never 
work again in my life!" 

Samuel Castillo 

Cristy Caston 

F-Hockey (1); Co-op Ed (4); Child Dev 
I + 11. 

Joseph F. Cerami HI 

F-Ball (1-4C); B-Ball (1-4C); S-Track (1- 
4C); SpHS; GLEC; Prldrs. Ambition: 
"To be rich and happy." 

DC Cb (4). 

Bunthan Chan 

Poe T. Chan 

F-Skating (3); AHS ( 1 -3 , Sec/Tres 4); DC 


Kevin M. Dube 

Hockey (2-4); F-Ball (1). 

Amy Katherine Dubois 

Ambition: "To pursue a career in animal 
science and to live a happy, successful 

Gerald P. Duquette 

Prldrs (1); Intl Cb (1,2); C-Band (1-4); 
M-Band (1-4); J-Band (4). 

Brian Ebert 

Rola Elkhoury 

Beth A. Ferland 

Swimming (1-4C); Ski Team (1-3C4C); 
S-Track (1-4); NHS (2-4); Senate ( 1 , Sec 
2,3, VP 4); Math Team (3,4); SAC (2); 
DTP (2,3); Girls State (3); Yrbk (Ed 4); 
P-Puff F-Ball (4); P-Puff Hockey (4). 

Stephanie Ferrier 

Ambition: "To succeed in whatever leads 
to my future." 


Ray H. Field, Jr. 

"Oh! Headache." 

Orazio Finocchiaro 

Soccer (1-4C). Ambition: "To be suc- 
cessful in my own business." 

Catherine M. Fiorilla 

NHS (2-4); Musical (2-4); SpHS (4); Tri- 
MuHS (4); Chorus (1 ,4); M-Band (4); C- 
Band (4); Bldmbl (4). Ambition: "To 
never forget my friends or be a conformist 
and to someday be five feet tall." 

Jim M. Flemming 


Lianna Marie Flewelling 

VISIONS Student Council (1-4); 
VISIONS Fundraisers (1-4); Chorus (4). 
Ambition: "To be happy in whatever I 
choose to do." 


Amanda S. Folley 

Model UN (3); Intern (4); P-Puff F-Ball 
(4). Ambition: "To achieve all that I 
strive for and to never stop reaching for 
my dreams. 2AC!" 

Gina Marie Ford 

Swimming ( 1 ); B-Ball (1-3); Intl Cb (2,3 , 
Pres 4); NHS (2,3, VP 4); Newspaper 
(2,3, Art Ed 4); Class Treasurer (3,4); 
SpHS (4). Quote: "To strive, to seek, to 
find, and not to yield." 

Christian R. Forgione 

Soccer (1-4); B-Ball (1,2); W-Track 
(3,4); Prldrs (3,4); Sci Fair; Model UN 
(3). Ambition: "To be successful at what- 
ever I end up doing." 

Jalon I. Fowler 

F-Hockey (1-4C); S-Ball (1-4); Intl Clb; 
Prldrs; NHS (2-4); SpHS (4); GLEC. 
Quote: "Knock Yourself Out!" 

Elizabeth Fox 

F-Hockey (4); Prldrs (1); Intl Clb (1-4). 

Kristen Francis 

Tennis (1-4); Swimming (1); Prldrs (1); 
Intl Clb (4); Intern (4); Model UN (3); 
Bldmbl (4): Class Play (4). Ambition: 
' 'To survive four years of Art school, be- 
come successful and be envied by all." 

Mandy Lyn Fredette 

F-Hockey (1-4); SpHS (4); D.C. Cb (2- 
4); Intl Cb (2-4); Prldrs (1); P-Puff F-Ball 
(4); Bldmbl (4); Class Play (4); Sci Fair 
( 1 ,4). Quote: "I'll get by with a little help 
from my friends . . .! Crunch!" 

Lori A. Furey 

F-Hockey (1-4C); B-Ball (1-3); S-Ball (1- 
4); Prldrs (1-3); P-Puff Hockey (1,2,4); 
P-Puff F-Ball (1,2,4). Ambition: "To be- 
come a socialworker, keep in touch with 
all my friends, and to have fun in life!" 

Henry Paul Gabryjelski 

Sci Cb (3,4); Chess Cb (Sec 3, Pres 4); 
Prldrs (3). Quote: "John 3:16, 14:6, 
Ephesians 2:8-9." 

John Garrand 

Robin Marie Veronica Garvin 

Intl Cb (3,4); Co-op Ed (4). Ambition: 
"To take full advantage of life, to travel 
to Australia, to be a successful account- 
ant, and to beat John in a game of pool ! ' ' 

Marie Rose Geha 

Quote: "We the Class of '93 are glad 
we're through, but now we must pursue 
so that our dreams come true. Congratula- 


Virginia Gianni 

Swimming (1): Bldmbl (4); Intem (4); 
Class Play (4); Child Dev II (4); S-Olymp 
(3). Ambition: ' 'To graduate from nursing 
school, get married, and live a long happy 

Kelly Gilbert 

Tammy Gilchrist 

Tennis (1,2,4); Lyceum (4); S-Olymp 

Jennifer Gillis 

V-Ball (1,2); S-Track (4); Prldrs (4); 
Bldmbl (4). Ambition: ' 'To be successful, 
to have many friends, and to always be the 
best person I can be." 

Wendy Lynn Gillis 

Wend, Wendyl, Gwendylin 
X-country (2); Prldrs (3). "Ambition: To 
be prosperous, to be well adapted to all of 
life's obstacles, and to be loved by 
William for all ternity." 

Lloyd W. Glidden II 

F-Ball (1); B-Ball (1,2); Prldrs (1,2). 
Ambition: "To keep in touch with my 
friends and to be a prosperous, rich busi- 
ness man, retire at 35, and buy my own 
Carribean Island." 

Jason P. Goebel 

NHS (2,3). Quote: "It's better to know 
nothing than to know too much." 

Steven C. Gof stein 

Quote: "Time keeps on slipping 
slippin', slippin' into the future." 

David R. Gosselin 

Baseball (1 ,2); V-Ball (4); Model UN (3). 

Cara Gradzewicz 

Tennis (1-3); Lyceum (4); Model UN (3); 
Bldmbl (4) . Ambition: ' 'To become a suc- 
cessful psychologist and to someday 
marry Chris." 

Kenneth Grant 

VISIONS Student Council (1-4); 
VISIONS Fundraisers (1-4). Ambition: 
"To do something that will enable me to 
look back upon my life and smile." 

Joy M. Grassi 

S-Track (1); Tennis (2-4); Intl Cb (3,4); 
Model UN (3). Ambition: "To always be 
with my friends and remember my years 
at MHS." 


Bethany J. Grasso 

X-Country (1,2,4); W-Track (1-4C); S- 
Track (1-4); P-Puff F-Ball (4); Model UN 
(3). Ambition: "To own L.L. Bean! 

Mark C. Graziano 

The Rock 
F-Ball (1-4C); Wrestling (1-4C); S-Track 
(1-4C). Yrbk (4); Prldrs (1); Bldmbl (4); 
Model UN (3). 

Amy D. Grelle 

F-Skating (2-4); Intl Cb (1-4); SpHS (4); 
Dance Cb (2,3); Clr Gd (1-3C,4C); Wntr 
Gd (4); Musical (3). Quote: "The grand 
essentials of happiness are something to 
do, something to love, and something to 
hope for." — Patrick Chalmes 

Melissa J. Grieco 

W-Track (1,3,4); S-Track (3,4); MuHS 
(2-4); NHS (2-4); Intern (4); M-Band ( 1- 
4); J-Band (3,4); Lyceum (3, Ed 3,4); 
Musical (4); D.C. Cb (4). Quote: "They 
think you're crazy — Well make them 
think you're insane!" — C.S. 

Jennifer Leigh M. Griffin 
B-Ball (1,2); S-Ball (2-4); Model UN (3); 
P-Puff Hockey (2,4); P-Puff F-Ball (4); 
Prldrs (1). Ambition: "To become a suc- 
cessful and rich accountant and to be with 
A.T.A. forever!" 

Kathleen Lynne Griffin 

S-Ball (1-4: F-Hockey (4); P-Puff F-Ball 
(3,4); P-Puff Hockey (2,4). Quote: 
"You're never as good as everyone tells 
you when you win, and you're never as 
bad as they say when you lose. ' ' — P.B. 

Steven Gulla 

Ambition: "To be successful in life. 

Randy S. Gurski 

Intl Cb (1 ,2); French Cb (Pres 3); Sci Cb 
(1-3, VP 4); Prldrs (1); Band (1); MuHS 
(Hist 1); Model UN (3); Fr Bowl; Boys 
State (3). Ambition: "To be rich and fa- 
mous, and to make the cover of People 

Ellis Hall 

F-Ball (1); X-Country (2-4C); W-Track 
(1-4C); S-Track (1-4C); DTP. ambition: 
' 'To own and run a computer business. ' ' 

Patrick Lawrence Halloran 

Lauren M. Harrington 

Tennis (1); V-Ball (2); Intl Cb (1); Prldrs 
(2); S-Olymp (3); P-Puff F-Ball (2). 
Ambition: "To become a successful ac- 
countant and to live happily ever after 
with Todd Woekel." 

Christopher R. Harris 

Hockey (1-4). 


Heidi Lynn Heinz 

S-Ball (2); W-Track (1,2); Model UN (3); 
Bldmbl (4); P-Puff F-Ball (4); P-Puff 
Hockey (4); Class Play (4). Ambition: 
"To go on to college and have the best 4 
years of my life!! To my friends, thanks 
for the great times!!" 

Benjamin T. Hellman 

Chorus (1-4); Musical (2-4); M-Band 
(3,4). Quote: "A fool is bent upon a twig, 
but wise men dread a bandit; which I think 
must be clever, for I didn't understand 
it." — W.S. Gilbert 

Ryan D. Herra 

Golf (4); W-Track (3,4); S-Track (3,4); 
Yrbk (4); Bldmbl (3); Model UN (3); Sci 
Fair (4); P-Puff Coach (4). Ambition: "To 
meet adversity head-on and always come 
out on top." 

Christina L. Hileman 


Lam Ho 

Trung Ho 

Laura Suzanne Hull 

Swimming (1); Chorus (1-3). Ambition: 
"To teach kindergarten to my classmates' 

Jennifer Michele Hurley 

Psycho Flirt 
Ambition: "To teach small children. 

Remmy Muinatu Ibraheem 

Swimming (1); X-ountry (2,4C); W- 
Track (1-4C); S-Track (1-4); Chess Cb 
(4); D.C. Cb (1-4); Lyceum (4); Prldrs 
(2-4); Intern (4). Ambition: "To be a re- 
nowned heart surgeon." Quote: "What 
am I? Where am I?" 

John J. Jankowsi, HI 

V-Ball (3,4); Wrestling (4). 

Lorraine P. Jankowski 

F-Hockey ( 1 -4C); B-Ball ( 1 -4); S-Ball ( 1 - 
4); Senate (1,2); P-Puff F-Ball (1-3); P- 
Puff Hockey (2-4). Ambition: "To make 
the coming of the years as best as I can, 
but to always have memories of the past. ' ' 

Christopher Jordan 


Shawn Jozokos 

Julie Juknavorian 

Prldrs (1-4); Chorus (3,4); Child Dev II 
(4); ClrGd (1-3); Drum Major (4); Wntr 
Gd (4); Dance Cb (1-3); Musical (2); 
Model UN (3). Quote: "Live above all 
things live . . . don't just simply exist." 

Marie Jean Kassis 

Quote: "I can't believe I made it! See you 
and good luck to the Class of '93." 

Timothy Keleher 


Erin Marie Kelley 

M-Band (1,2); Clr Gd (3,4); Dance Cb 
(2); MuHS; Musical (3). Ambition: "To 
get out of college in better shape than I 
was in when I got out of high school." 

Colleen Kenyon 

Senate (1-3); Child Dev II (4). Ambition: 
"To always stand up for what I believe in 
and to succeed at everything I do." 

Carl Khalil 

X-Country (4); W-Track (4); S-Track (4); 
NHS (2-4); AHS (2); French Cb (3). 
Quote: ' 'Silence isn't golden when you're 
holding it inside." 

Michael Kobrenski 

Hockey (1-4C); Baseball (1-4); Sci Fai 


Jennifer J. Kuchar 

Tennis (1-4): F-Skating (1-4C); NHS (2- 
4); Newspaper (Ed 2-4); Yrbk (4 Layout 
Ed); Prldrs (3,4). Ambition: "To look 
happily upon the past, live the present to 
its fullest, and look to the future with 
144 hopes and dreams." 

Jin Sung Kwon 

Soccer (2); Sci Cb (4). Ambition: "To 
someday be a doctor. ' ' 

Ki Sung Kwon 

John LaCroix 

Amnesty (2,3); GLEC (3,4). Ambition 
' 'To improve myself the best I can and to 
truly be happy no matter who tries to hold 
me back, no matter what anybody thinks 
of me." 

Kelly LaDuke 


Ambition: "To go to college, become an 
actress, and have a successful life." 

William Patrick LaFlamme 

Soccer (1-4); Ski Team (1-4); B-Busters 
(3,4); Sci Fair (2). 

Brandi Lynn Lambert 

Little Wood 
P-Puff F-Ball (1,2). Ambition: "To con- 
tinue dancing and maybe become a police 

Kathleen Lambert 

S-Track (2); Child Dev I + 11. Ambition: 
"To never forget my friends." 

Michelle Anne Landry 


F-Skating (1,2). Quote: "Thanks my 
friends Gabriele, Brenda, Mera. I love 
you guys, my mom and dad, Steven, 
Charlie, the times at the beach, and the 

Eric LaPlume 

Ambition: "To be the best I can. 

Vicki Lebel 

S-Ball (1): Dance Cb (1-3); Prldrs (1-4); 
Sci Fair (2); P-Puff F-Ball (4). Ambition: 
"To achieve as much as I can in life." 

David Scott Lee 

Baseball (1,2). Ambition: "To excel in 
life after NECCO." 

Michelle Lemieux 

S-Ball (1); Prldrs (1,2). Ambition: "To 
succeed in life and to never forget the 
good times I've had with my friends, 
V.L., B.W., J.M., H.B., A.A., J. P., 
during high school." 

Christine C. Leone 

F-Skating (1-3, Sec 4); DC Cb (3,4); 
Class Play (Dir 4); Yrbk (Copy Ed 4); In- 
tern (4); Prldrs (1-4); NHS (2-4); News- 
paper (3, Ed 4); Musical (2,3). Quote: 
' The trouble with the rat race is that even 
if you win, you're still a rat." 

David M. Letizio 

Model UN (3). Ambition: "To excel in 
the career of my choice (lots of money 
wouldn't hurt, though)." 

Jason Letourneau 

Ambition: "To be a guitarist.' 


Lance Little 

F-Ball (1-4); Wrestling (1-4C); Baseball 
(2,3); Track (4); S-Olymp (3,4). Ambi- 
tion: ' 'To have a successful life after col- 

Rony Lizardo 

Jasper, Hendrix 
Co-op Ed (3,4) Ambition: "To help all 
my friends through future years the way 
they have helped me in the past four 

John Loeschen 

Ambition: "To hold the world in one 
hand and a Bud in the other." 

Jennifer Lutz 

M-Band (1-4); C-Band (1-4). Quote: 
"That's what he said." 

Allison E. Lynch 

Tennis (1-4); F-Skating ( 1 -3 Tres 4); NHS 
(2-4); Yrbk (Business Mngr 4); Prldrs (1- 
3); P-Puff Hockey (1-4); Class Play (4). 
Ambition: ' 'To not sit at a bus stop watch- 
ing the world go by." 

Susan Lynn MacBride 

Prldrs (1). 

Jennifer Madden 

Ambition: "To see the world." 

Shawn Michael Malloy 

Office Help (1-4); Class Play (4). Quote: | 
"live life to the fullest." 

Heather Nicole Mancini 

X-Country (2); Amnesty (3); Newspaper 
(4); Lyceum (3); Chess Cb (3,4); GLEC 
(4); Musical (4) Quote: "If you were 
happy every day of your life you wouldn't 
be a human being, you'd be a game show 

Bethany L. Marchand 

V-Ball (1,2); Co-op Ed (4). Ambition: 
"To marry Bill Crowley and live happily 
ever after. ' ' 

Jonathan Marcoux 

Ambition: "To rule the world!!!" 

Melissa J. Markey 

Chrldr (1-4C); Gymnastics (1); Yrbk (4); 
Bldmbl (4); S-Olymp (3) Quote: "Today ? 
well lived makes yesterday a dream of 
happiness and tomorrow a vision of hope 
because its not where you stand but in 
what direction you're moving. B.F., 


Timothy Michael Marsh 

Hockey (1-4). Ambition: "To be happy 
and successful." 

Lee-Ann Martelle 

V-Ball (1-3); Ski Team (1); AHS (3,4); 
Co-op Ed (3 ,4) Ambition: "To live, love, 
and be happy by my own standards and to 
continue to see the world through artist's 

Lorna Chantalle Mathieu 

Track (3); B-ball (1); D.C. Cb (1-4); 
French Cb; GLEC (Pres 1, Sec 2 + 3); 
Senate; S-Olymp (3). 

Deana Marie Matthews 


Ambition: ' 'To be married and live a long, 
successful life." 

Peter R. Max 

F-Ball (1-4); W-Track (1-3); S-Track (1); 
Prldrs (1,3) DTP; Model UN (3). 

Katherine Constance McAndrew 

F-Hockey (1-3); Prldrs (2,3); Intern (4); 
model UN (3) Ambition: "To live life the 
way I want, not the way other people 

Ryan McCall 

B-Ball (1-4). Ambition: "To live a suc- 
cessful life after high school." 

Patrick McDougall 

TV Prod (2-4). Ambition: "To be suc- 
cessful in television communications and 
to provide a happy, healthy life for 

Jonathan Mark McGhee 

Soccer (1-4C); Intl Cb. Ambition: To live 
long and have lots of money." 

Jennifer McGrath 

P-Puff F-ball; S-Olymp (3). Ambition: To 
be very successful and happy in whatever 
I do, to remember the good times with 
Kevin and my friends, and to always re- 
member the class of '93" 

Craig Allen McKenzie 

F-Ball (1-4); W-Track (1-4); Baseball (1- 
4); S-Olymp (3); P-Puff Chrldr (4). Ambi- 
tion: "To achieve all of my goals and to 
find happiness through friendship." 

April J. McLean 

S-Ball (1,2); Ski Team (1,2); P-Puff F- 
Ball (4); AHS; Yrbk (4); Bldmbl (4); 
Class Play (4). Bldmbl (4); Class Play (4). 
Ambition: "To stay crazy forever, to keep 
the fridge stocked and to stop peanut but- 
ter from sticking to the roof of my 


Maribel Mendez Luke Meredith 

Quote: "Where there is a will there is a Baseball (1); Model UN (3). 

Rhonda J. Messina 

Ambition: "To be successful in whatever 
I do in life." 

Darleen Elisabeth Miller 

— D— 

Soccer (1,3,4C); Track (1); Prldrs (1-4)) 
Intl Cb (1,2); Intern (4); P-Puff F-Ball 
(3,4); Model UN (3); Office Help (2-4). 
Ambition: "To love, laugh, and be 

Eric J. Miller 

Michelle Miller 

M-Band (1-4); C-Band (1-4); J-Band (4); 
Swimming (1); AHS (4); Class Play 
(2,4). Ambition: ' 'To make it through col- 
lege with better grades than I had in high 

Lori Montanez 

Ambition: "To finally be free from this 
place, find my own niche in life, and be 
successful in whatever it is that I choose to 

Michael Moreau 

B-Ball (1); M-Band (2-4); C-Band (2-4); 
J-Band (4). Ambition: "To make the best 
of my college years." 

Steven Moreau 

C-Band (1-3); M-Band (1-3). Ambition: 
"To own my own business." 

Tara Marie Morrissey 

Clr Gd (2-4); Dance Cb (2-4); Model UN 
(3). Ambition: "To live a long, happy, 
and successful life if I make it through 

Chris Mosher 

Ambition: "To be Vice President. 


Colleen A. Murray 

S-Ball (1); Yrbk (4); P-Puff F-Ball 
Model UN (3). Ambition: "Not to let 
yesterday use up too much of today and to 
always keep in touch with my friends 

Miranda Bree Mushow 

Ski Team (2-4); NHS (2-4); Office Help 
(1-4). Ambition: "To be a child psy- 
chologist and to eventually have a curfew 
past midnight." Quote: "Good luck in 
life, everybody!" 

Cortney S. Mustapha 

S-Ball (2-4); F-Hcky (1); B-Ball (1-3); 
Sen (1); D.C. Cb (3); Intl Cb (2-4); Prldrs 
(2-4); SpHS (4); Sci Fair (2-4); Bldmbl 
(4); P-Puff F-Ball (1). Quote: "Gather ye 
rosebuds while ye may (Carpe Diem)." 

Shawn Scott Mustapha 

F-Ball (1-4); Baseball (1-4); P-Puff 
Chrldr (4); Bldmbl (4). Ambition. To live 
a successful life and to make all my 
dreams come true." 

Gregory M. Naffah 


NHS (2,3, Hist 4); SpHS (4); Intl Cb (3); 

Prldrs (4); Boys State (3); Bldmbl (4). 

Lynn M. Nelan 

Ambition: "To be the best person I can 
be. Follow your heart and follow your 
goals , and let nothing stand in your way . " 

Jason Newton 

Ski Team ( 1 ,2,4). Ambition: "To become 
a drug enforcement agent, to ski forever, 
and to be successful in whatever I may 

Chi Thi Nguyen 

Lac Tran Nguyen 

V-Ball (1); Soccer (2,3). 

Tri Nguyen 

Norma Nicoletti 

F-Skating (1,2). Ambition: "To become 
successful in Real-Estate and to own my 
own business. Quote: "Nobody will ap- 
plaud until you achieve your gosls, but 
once you succeed you'll be guaranteed a 
standing ovation." 

Tracy M. Novak 

V-Ball (1,2,3C,4C); B-Ball (1); S-Ball 
(1); Bldmbl (3,4); Model UN (3); P-Puff 
F-Ball (4). Ambition: "To stay in touch 
with all my friends and to find and marry 
the man of my dreams! Backbone! " 

Glenda Ortiz 

Ambition: "To go to college and major in 
Business Administration." Quote: "Best 
of luck to the Class of '93." 


Jennifer L. Osgood 

F-Skating (1-4C); AHS (2,3, Pres 4); 
Prldrs (1 ,3); S-Olymp (3); P-Puff Hockey 

Jill Ann Ouellette 

F-Hockey (1-4); B-Ball (2); W-Track (4) 
Newspaper (3,4); SpHS (4); Bldmbl (4) 
DTP (3,4); Model UN (3); P-Puff F-Ball 
P-Puff Hockey. Ambition: "To live each 
moment as if it were the last and 'to have 
enough money!!!' " 

Richard William Ouellette 

Golf (1-4C); Hockey (1-4C); Tennis (2- 
4); S-Track (1). Quote: "Our greatest 
glory consists not of never failing, but ris- 
ing each time we fall." 

Joseph M. Pagnoni 

Pags, Fat 
B-Ball (1-4); F-Ball (1); B-Ball (1); S- 
Track (3); Prldrs (1-4); Dsktp (2,4); 
Model UN (3); Bldmbl (4); P-Puff Chrldr 
(4); Class Play (4). Ambition: "To make 
every day a 'good to be alive day.' " 

Prldrs (1,2). 

Amil Patel 

Chirag Patel 

X-Country (3,4); W-Track (2); S-Track 
(2); Intl Cb (2,4); Sci Cb (3, VP 4); Prldrs 
(3); NHS (2-4); SpHS (4); Boys State (3). 

Nimisha Patel 

Joseph Paw lick 
F-Ball (1,2,4); Track (1,3,4). Ambi- 
tion:"To become a state trooper." 

Ray Pelletier 

Ambition: "To live a full, successful 

Erik Thomas Pepe 

VISIONS Student Council (1-4); 
VISIONS Fundraisers (1-4). Ambition: 
"To be successful in everything I do." 


Rodney Luis Perez 

El Jefe, Bossman 
Ambition: "To become successful in 
every field and be richer than the average 
rich man. "Quote: "Never put people in 
front of money, rather, never put money 
in front of people." 

Aaron Jason Phipps 

B-Ball (1); AHS (4). Ambition: "To be 
President of the United States." 

Christopher M. Piazza 

Quote: "A sleeper does not know how to 
live, but a dreamer lives for all eternity. ' ' 

Thcrcss A P19779 
Prldrs (1); Yrbk (4); Eval Committee (4); 
Newspaper (2); Bldmbl (4); P-Puff F-Ball 
(4); Class Play (4). Ambition: "To find a 
cure for cancer." Quote: "If you are 
going to walk on thin ice you might as 
well dance." 

Shane R. Pierce 

F-Ball (2); Ski Team (1-4C); Prldrs. 

James Medieros Ponte 

Ryan Vincent Provencher 

Hockey (2). 

Ambition: "To own stock in the Anheiser 

Bush Co. and give my friends all the free 

beer they want." Quote: "Bye, bye 


Robin Quinlan 

P-Puff Hockey (2-4); Clr Gd (1-4); Prldrs 
(1-3); Sci Cb (Tres. 2, Sec 3+4); Model 
UN (3); Intern (4). Ambition: "To work 
in the field of law enforcement." 

Jennifer Raimondi 

Ambition: "To be successful in the 
eternal search for the real 'Hotel Cali- 
fornia.' " 

Stephen Rapazzo 

B-Ball (1-3); S-Track (1,2). Ambition: 
"To own race horses and to live a rich, 
prosperous life." 

Cynthia Raymond 

Soccer (4C). 

Sean Regal 

Kevin Ricci 

Golf (1-4); Hockey (1-4); Tennis (1-4). 
Ambition: "To continue going to school 
and keep playing hockey." 


Craig Richard 

S-Track (1); X-Country (2); F-Ball (3,4); 
V-Ball (3,4); Prldrs (1); Class VP (2-4); 
Class Play (4). Ambition: "To accom- 
plish all of my goals and never forget 
those who helped me get there." 

Jason Richardson 

Michael Joseph Rickard, Jr. 

F-Ball (1-4); Track (1,2,4). Ambition: 
' To be alive when the New England Pa- 
triots win the Super Bowl." 

Danielle M. Riopelle 

V-Ball (2-4); S-Ball (1-4); P-Puff F-Ball 
(1,2,4); DTP; Prldrs (3). Ambition: "To 
find the meaning of life while lying on the 
beach, sipping orange juice and seltzer 
water with the man of my dreams. Back- 

Michelle E. Rivera 

S-Track (3,4); F-Skating (1, Tres 
2 + 3,4); Dance Cb (2); D.C. Club (2-4); 
AHS (2); Clr Gd (2,3); NHS (4); Prldrs 
(1,2); S-Olymp (3,4); P-Puff Hockey 
(2,3); P-Puff F-Ball (3). Quote: "Life is a 
puzzle ... so don't lose any pieces." 

Dianidza Rodriguez 

SpHS (4). Ambition: "To be a secretary 
or a cosmetologist." 

Ricardo F. Rodriguez 

Ambition: "To live life to its fullest, 
forget about the past, and concentrate on 
the future." 

Christopher Roebuck 


Robert Leo Ross 


Stephanie Roukes 

Dance Cb ( 1 ,2); Prldrs; Clr Gd. Ambition: 
"To live a long and happy life." 


Amanda Lynn Rufenach 

French Cb (3); Prldrs (3,4); S-Olymp 
(3,4); Class Play (4); P-Puff F-Ball (1,4); 
Eassay Contest Winner (3). Quote: 
"Today, well lived, makes yesterday a 
dream of happiness and tomorrow a vi- 
sion of hope." 

Nathan Runge 

Guiseppina Russo 

Tennis (4); Italian Cb (4); Intl Cb (4). 
Ambition: "To live a happy, well- 
rounded life while always having fun." 
Quote: ' 'In wildness is the preservation of 
the world." — Henry David Thoreau. 

Elaine Samaris 

V-Ball (1-4); B-Ball (1,2); W-Track (1); 
Tennis (2-4); NHS (2,3, Sec 4); SpHS (4); 
Intl Cb (3, Pres 4). Ambition: "To always 
have time to stop and smell the roses and 
to always have roses to smell." 

Erin Sarre 

Tennis (1-4); Prldrs (1,3); F-Skating (1- 
4); Intl CI (3); S-Olymp (3); Bldmbl (4); 
Model UN (3). Ambition: "To be happy 
and successful and always live life to the 

Michael James Scarpignato 

F-Ball (1,2); B-Ball (1,2); P-Puff Chrldr 
(4); Class Play (4). Ambition: "To suc- 
ceed in any challenge that comes my 
way." Quote: "Dynamite!" 



: i : /i 

Alfio Sergi 

Ambition: "To try to get ahead in life." 

Chrisann Sevoian 

Swimming (1-4C); W-Track (1-4C); S- 
Track (1-4C); NHS (2,3, Tres 4); News- 
paper (2,3 Ed 4); Intl Cb (3); SpHS (4). 
Ambition: "To someday reach way up in 
the sky, grab a handful of stars, and say, 
'Look world, anything's possible.' " 

Rebecca Sharrock 

V-Ball (1); Tennis (1); Intl Cb (4); Model 
UN (3); Bldmbl (4). Ambition: "To al- 
ways keep in touch with my friends and to 
live life to the absolute fullest with Derek 
by my side." 

Sean Shimko 

Heather Sidley 

Soccer (4C); Intern (4). Ambition: 
succeed in whatever I do." 


Aaron Silverwatch 

X-Country (3,4C); Track (1-4). 

Chad Simoes 

Hockey (1-4C). 

Jodie Lynn Sipsey 

MuHS (2-4); M-Band (1-4); C-Band (1- 
4); J-Band (3,4). Ambition: "To be suc- 
cessful in whatever I choose to do." 


Kristie M. Smith 

Bldmbl (3,4). Ambition: "To meet Skid 
Row and 'catch their meeting sky,' and to 
become successful in whatever I choose 
to do. I.L.S.B." 

Erin Christine Soley 

B-Ball (1-4C); S-Track (1-4C); V-Ball 
(3,4); NHS (2,3, Pres 4); Intl Cb (2-4); 
SpHS (Sec 4); P-Puff F-Ball (1,2,4); Sp 
Bowl (4); S-Olymp (4). Quote: "The best 
use of life is to spend it on something that 
outlasts life." 

Jessica Starr 

Jodie Ellen Student 

F-Hockey (1-3); Ski team (1,2); GLEC 
(1-3, Pres 4); Amnesty (2,3). Ambition: 
"To fill up this space and to never grow 

Kris Sullivan 

Model UN (3). Ambition: "To go into 

Tracey Ann Sunderland 

V-Ball (1-3C, 4C); Tennis (2-4C); Senate 
(1 ,2, Sec 3, Pres 4); P-Puff F-Ball (1-4); 
P-Puff Hockey (3,4); Class Play (4); 
Bldmbl (4); Yrbk (4). Ambition: "To be 
'Standing on Top' of my own little 

Ryan M. Suzor 

Intern (4). Ambition: "To be rich!' 

Carl Daniel Sylvester 

Dsktp (4). Quote: "I understand. 

James A. Tamis 

Ambition: "To be the best at whatever I 
do in my future." 

Joseph E. Tavares 

B-Ball (1); F-Ball (1-4C). Ambition: "To 
continue reaching all the goals that come 
across me in my life." 

Chiat Tekin 

Wrestling. Ambition: "To take Law En- 
forcement for a minor and Criminal Jus- 
tice for a major in college." 

Lynn M. Therrien 

VISIONS Student Council (1-4); 
VISIONS Fundraisers (1-4). Ambi- 
tion:"To be happy and successful in 
everything I attempt in life." 



Matthew Tine 

Oanh Tran 

Rachel L. Troia 

F-Hockey ( 1 ,2); Prldrs; Intl Cb (2); Child 
Dev I + II; Co-op Ed (4). Ambition: "To 
never forget the past four years, but to be 
happy in the years that lie ahead." 

Jennifer M. Trovato 

Co-op Ed. Ambition:"To pursue a career 
in early childhood and to open a business 
of my own." 

Joseph Vacirca 

Melissa J. Ventrillo 

S-Ball (1-4); V-Ball (3); SpHS (4); Senate 
(3, Sec 4); Class Sec (1); AHS (1); P-Puff 
(1,3,4); Bldmbl (3,4); SAC (4). Quote: 
"Only time will tell if we stand the test of 
time. I'll always remember my junior 

Aline Wakim 

S-Track (1); F-Skating (3,4); Intl Cb 
(1,2); P-Puff Hockey (3); Model UN (3); 
S-Olymp (3). Ambition: "To someday 
visit and explore the moon." 

Erin Elizabeth Wholley 

B-Ball (1); S-Ball (1); Model UN (3); 
Bldmbl (4); Prldrs (3); S-Olymp (3). 
Ambition: "To graduate from college 
with a degree in the medical field and 
most importantly to always be happy and 
keep in touch with all my best friends." 

Matthew George Windisch 

Prldrs (1-4). Ambition: "To become a 
Mass State Trooper." 


Bryan Winn 

'Use only as directed. 

Todd B. Woekel 

F-Ball (1-3); Track (1-3); Prldrs (1-4); S- 
Olymp (3). Ambition: "To own my own 
construction company and to marry 
Lauren Harrington." 

Brenda Wood 

S-ball ( 1 ); Co-op Ed (4); Child Dev [ + 11. 
Ambition: "To pursue a career in model- 
ing and to never forget the friends I made 
during my years at MHS; ML, HB, VL, 
JM, MPJ." 


Christine Yee 

D.C. Club (4); S-Olymp (3); Fr Bowl (3); 
Bldmbl (3,4). Ambition: "To own a 
house in Hong Kong, San Francisco, 
Vancouver, Toronto, and Peking, and to 
be able to travel to different places as part 
of my job." 

Dawn Marie Young 

M-Band (1-4); C-Band (1-4); ClrGd (3,4); 
Dance Cb (3); Wntr Gd (4); J-Band (4); 
Child Dev I + II (3,4); Musical (2-4); Class 
Play (2-4). Ambition: "To go to college 
and to teach hearing impaired children." 

Chin Ho Yu 

Old Guy 
B-Ball (4). Ambition: "To become a pro- 
fessional robotics engineer." 

Jeffrey Stephen Zanni 

Guido, Thumper 
F-Ball (1-4); W-Track (1,2,4); S-Track 
(1-4); Prldrs (2-4); Sci Cb (3); GLEC (4); 
D.C. Cb (4); Sci Fair (1-3). Quote: 
"Overwhelm people with your charm, 
not your power." 

Lisa Zappala 

Lisa Marie Zaremba 

Soccer (1); W-Track (1); S-Ball (1-4); 
SpHS (4) . Ambition: "To be rich and own 
a nice, red Porsche!!!" 

Humerto Zelic 

Riad Zifte 

F-Ball (3). Ambition: To be a film director 
or a producer." 


Camera Shy Seniors 

Cinthia Arroyo 
Ken Austin 
Jason Avery 
Christian Battle 
Charles Beaulieu 
David Corsetto 
Orlando Fuentes 
David Gladstone 
Mike Guide 
Jeffrey Hajjar 

Gerald Kalil 
Keith Kryzaski 
Hung Luong 
David Pimental 
Michael Sasso 
Ryan Tavares 
William Torla 
Phuong Tran 
Victor Vasquez 
Jenny Valez 

May 28, 1993 ~ SENIOR PROM 

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Why Can't This Night 

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Go On Forever? 

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Class History 

I'm sure that we all remember our first day as freshmen at Methuen High School. No one knew what to expect and 
everyone was more than a little nervous. There was only one thing of certainty as we entered the halls of Methuen High for 
the first time; we were about to begin the best years of our lives. 

The year was 1989. Our freshman class was led by President Lorna Mathieu and Vice President Erin Soley . Other class 
officers were, Melissa Ventrillo as Secretary and Lara Pitochelli as Treasurer. After a tough adjustment period, we finally 
made it to grade 10. 

By sophomore year many of us joined in one or more of the extra-curricular activities that are offered at M . H . S . Many of 
our classmates even participated in varsity sports . Lori Jankowski, Lara Pitochelli and Erin Soley were lucky enough to be 
part of the team that made it to the Boston Garden parquet. 

Academically, we flourished as well. The National Honor Society's latest inductees were Beth Ferland, Gregory 
Naffah, Elaine Samaris, Erin Soley, Gina Ford, Miranda Mushow, Robin Beeley, Dina Dellicolli, Jennifer Kuchar, 
Christine Leone, Cathy Fiorilla, Jalon Fowler, Melissa Grieco, Carl Khalil, Chirag Patel, Chrisann Sevoian, and Allison 

Our class officers this year were Kevin "Cheezy" Donahue — president, Craig Richard — vice president, Lorna 
Mathieu — secretary, and Gina Ford — treasurer. 

Finally we became upperclassmen. Grade 1 1 held a whole new array of experiences for us. By this time, most of our 
class athletes were varsity participants. One of the highlights of this athletic year was Chrisann Sevoian becoming state 
champion in the 1 10 hurdles and Robin Beeley becoming state champ on the beam. All Conference football stars were Joe 
Cerami and Mark Graziano. New Honor Society members were Michelle Rivera and Jason Goebel. Class officers were 
Kevin "Cheezy" Donahue performed again as president, Craig Richard again assumed the role of vice president, Jenn 
Bourassa stepped in as class secretary, and Gina Ford remained treasurer. 

Senior Year. Our football team started the year off with a bang. Led by captains Mark Graziano, Joe Taveras, Joe 
Cerami, and Jason Danella, the M.H.S. Rangers won the M.V.C. championship and went on to win the Division II A 
Superbowl. During one of the games, we chose a Homecoming Queen. To no one's surprise, Rachel Troia was awarded 
the crown. Runners up were Jenn Bourassa, Melissa Markey, and Rebecca Baldwin. Our golf team was equally amazing 
as the football team. Rich Ouellette, Kevin Ricci, and Jim Doherty led the team to a most impressive undefeated season 
and an M.V.C. Championship. Field Hockey, though not as outstanding, did yield Jalon Fowler as an All-Conference 
goalie. The volleyball team made a dramatic comeback and improved their scores from 0-18 to 7-1 1 by their senior year. 
Congratulations to Tracey Sunderland, Elaine Samaris, Tracey Novak, Danielle Riopelle, and Erin Soley for such a turn- 

The winter season was just as successful. Both boys' and Girls' basketball teams won M.V.C. Small School Champion- 
ship titles. The boys were led by captains Joe Cerami and All-Star Eric Denise. The girls' captain was Erin Soley. 
Courtney Briggs and Lori Janowski also played an intricate part in the team's success. The girls' track team also acquired 
an M.V.C. title. As for hockey, the boys just missed a championship by one game. All-Stars included Rich Ouellette, 
Kevin Ricci, Chad Simoes, Mike Kobrenski, and Mark Dellichai. Gymnastic star, Robin Beeley, reined as state all- 
around champ. 

The class play, ' 'The Clumsy Custard Horror Show, ' ' also occurred in the winter season. Emmy winning performances 
were given by Sabrina Autieri, Ben Hellman, Eric Bateman, Gina Ford, Amy Cornellier, Brain Collins, and Cortney 

Spring sports kept Methuen 's victories alive. Our baseball team won the M.V.C. Small School title with an unprece- 
dented 10 run comeback in two innings to win over Dracut. The battle was led by Joel Copetta, Mike Kobrenski, Jim 
Tamis, and Jeff DiPrima. Once again the track team was something to be proud of. They went 6-0 to win the M.V.C. 
crown. Bethany Grasso, Chrisann Sevoian, Erin Soley, Remmy Ibraheem, Loana Mathieu, and Beth Ferland were stand- 
outs for the team. The girls' Softball team had a great record considering the number of injuries and setbacks they encoun- 
tered. Seniors included Jessica Crafton, Cortney Mustapha, Lori Jankowski, Danielle Riopelle and All-Star captain Jalon 

Scholastically we were still striving. Senior inductees to the Honor Society were Brian Benoit, Jin Kwon, Lac Nguyen, 
Theresa Piazza, and Chin Yu. 

Looking back on all the things that we, as a class, have accomplished is something to be proud of. Now only graduation 
stands between us and the real world. Some of us are going to college while others will find their place in this world through 
other outlets. Regardless of what this outlet will be, one thing is for certain, good or bad, we will all remember the friends 
we made, the memories we shared, and the things we achieved at Methuen High. 


It's the year 2015 and an incredible thing has happened. Lorna Mathieu has finally decided tcr 
marry Kevin "Cheezie" Donahue. The only problem is they want their entire high school class of 
1993 to attend the wedding so they had to find the whereabouts of everyone. A 

First, they looked up Bethany Grasso, who is now a backup singer with John Denver in the deep 
woods of Colorado, eating crunchy granola. 

Next they looked up Heidi Heinz, Jenn Griffin, Christina Bergeron, Courtney Briggs, and Katie 
Griffin, who have started a mental health center to counsel the sophomore girls they tormented. 

Craig McKenzie and Jessica Crafton were easy to get in touch with. They opened up an ice-cream 
parlor. They hired Chad Simoes as head of maintenance. 

The invitation for Robin Beeley and Jenn Bourassa were sent to their famous trapeez company. 

Christine Leone, Allison Lynch, and Jen Kuchar were sent invitations but couldn't get off from 
their 15 year prison sentence for cheating. (Did Joe have anything to do with this?) 

And yes, Rodney Perez is still driving around in his Mustang. 

Frank Chiola and Lance Little became the WWF tag team champions, managed by Jammin' Jay 

Allison Andrews, Jen Raymondi, and Brenda Wood were all serving as members of the United 
>tates Senate. 

Karl Khalil, Chirag Patel, and Henry Gabryjelski opened "Le Stud Cafe" in Paris where Rebecca 
laldwin, Rachel Troia, Tara Ball, and Tracey Archibald were the star dancers. 

Brandee Burns was found in Cancun, Mexico as an active member of the Mexican Coast Guard. 

And yes, Eric Denise still has an attitude. 

Tracey Sunderland and Melissa Ventrillo recently started a new talk show called "Let's Just Be 
friends. " 

Melissa Markey and April McLeam were managing a very small lodge in Loon Mountain where 
only certain guests are invited. 

I Craig Richard stars on the Comedy Connection every weekday. 
And yes, Joe Pawlick is still complaining. 
Jill Ouelette and Ellis Hall were easy to find. They were happily married with 32 children. Chris 
arney, Jason Gobel, and Ryan Herra were working on ESPN as Sport statisticians. 
I Because the invitations were written, Lorna and Cheezie, her husband to be, had to pick their 
wedding party and staff. 

\ Brian Collins was chosen as the best man. Cheezie had no hard feelings about that election a long 

The maid of honor was Jalon Fowler, who is now a star catcher for the Chicago White Sox. Troy 
Couture was the bartender, of course. He made everyone know exactly when they had enough to 

And yes, Jeff Zanni is still measuring his biceps. ^^ 

Lorna chose Kerry Aghoian to do her nails and had Amy Cornelier design the floral arrangements. 

Cheezie chose Richard Chojnacki to do his hair. 

Shane Pierce and Scott Bettanno were asked to cater the event, so they flew in from their General 
Nutrition center in a small shopping mall outside of Texas. 

The day of the wedding arrived and a few guests (though uninvited) decided they would attend 
also. Mr. Nick, Ms. Cunningham, Mr. Francis, and Mr. Whiting all showed up, feeling festive, 
singing Irish tunes with Bill Laflame, Becky Sharrock, and Kristen Francis. 

On the organ was Ben Hellman who had brought back the cast from ' 'The Clumsy Custard Horror 
Show." Sabrina Autieri, Julie Juknavorian, and Erik Bateman were still under the grasp of the evil 
Dacron. (They never did make the cast party.) 

And yes, Joel Coppetta was still trying to make the major leagues. 

As Lorna and Cheezie made their way to the altar, Shawn Jozokos united them in Holy Matri- 

The alter boy Mark Graziano was asleep for most of the service except when the bells, which he 
thought were for lunch, rang. 

Just as Cheezie went to give Lorna that wedding kiss, Brian Benoit crashed through the window in 
an x-wing fighter, carrying a light saber, with Jeff DiPrima and Steve Campagnone as R2D2 and 
C3PO. They granted Cheezie the force. 

Just before the service ended, Keith Bistany and Norma Nicolletti, still pretending to be hypno- 
tized, stood up and shouted "We love M.H.S." 

After the wedding, the limo, chauffeured by Joe Tavares made its way to the hotel. 

At a stoplight, Lorna noticed Joe Pagnoni and Shawn Mustapha still trying to pick up girls (but 
NOT succeeding). 

Finally, when they arrived at the "Hotel De Rico" owned by Greg Naffah, they ran into Erin 
Soley and Beth Ferland, who were arguing about who should have been the Valedictorian. But 
Cheezie told them to shut up and do their jobs, so they carried the luggage upstairs like good bell- 
hops were supposed to do. 

And yes, Chrisann was still arguing about NOTHING!!! 

And Joe is still at the reception hall, looking at his hair and eating the WORLD'S BIGGEST 



The Class Will 

We, Allison Lynch and Tracey Sunderland, leave Robin Beeley "A Whole New World." 

, Tammy Borucki, leave Courtney Briggs a huge padlock to keep guys from coming over at 6:(X) in the morning. 

, Tammy Borucki, leave Lynda and Julie a French guy with an Irish twist. 
We, the Senior Class Girls, leave Stephanie Ferrier a bikini top that fits. 

, Deanna Matthews, leave Shannon Collins all the talks we shared in Mrs. Greene's typing class. 

, Melissa Markey, leave Jessica Crafton many more years of doodiness and a great friendship that will last forever. Thanks for everything. 

, Melissa Markey, leave all my friends that went on the ski trip, Journey, room 330, pasta, a vampire, carpet cleaner, and another great time together at Loon. 

, Dina Desmet, leave Jen Osgood all the luck in the world at UMASS. 

, Amanda Folley, leave Colleen Murray and Amanda DiMauro the good, bad, memorable times we shared in the past four years. 

, Amanda Folley, Leave Colleen Murray a night at the beach, Chinese food, fried dough, and pictures to remember it all. 

, Lee-Ann, leave Erik Bateman my eternal friendship and the patience to put up with the ever-changing men in my life. I promise to settle down someday. 
We, the Senior Girls, leave Christina Bergeron a magnifying glass so that she can examine us closer. 

, Will Allat, leave Jason Avery Pizza Hut, all you can eat. 

, Will Allat, leave Miranda Mushow the rest of our lives together. 
We, the AP Chem class, leave Mr. Salemi the three "3,'s" we didn't get on our exams. 
We, Theresa Piazza and Stephanie Rourkes, leave Amy Brackett the funnel that broke in Florida. 

, Theresa Piazza, leave Stephanie Rourkes a good boyfriend. 

, Theresa Piazza, leave Amanda Rufenach Frederick's of Hollywood. 

, Michelle Coletta, leave Kim Daly the truest friendship anyone could ever have. 

, Michelle Coletta, leave Rebecca Baldwin May 22 of '92 with Jason and Sonny. 

, Michelle Coletta, leave Christina, Lori, Courtney, Katie, April, Bethany, Heidi, Melissa, and Brandie a new start to some friendships and the closeness we all had. 

, Mike Rickard, leave Charlie Towne and little Joe Sangudolce the yellow Champion sweatpants. 

, Lisa Zaremba, leave Colleen Kenyon the friendship we once had. 

, Lisa Zaremba, leave Holly DeAngelo a year's supply of dimes so she can call Eddie everyday. 

, Rhonda Messina, leave Rita Gauthier all her ex-boyfriends and a fun senior year without me. 

, Amy Coraellier, leave Mike Courcy a big pair of Lura's shoes. 
We, Brandi, Jen, & Amy, leave Shannon all our love and support. 
We, Amy Cornellier & Jen Raimondi, leave Linda DeSpencer 101 Dalmatians. 
We, Jen Raimondi & Jason Avery, leave Jessica Starr a hill to fall down at the M.H.S. Stadium. 
I, Melissa Ventrillo, leave Jessica Crafton a bowl of butterscotch pudding and a hairdryer. 
I, Melissa Ventrillo, leave Tracey Sunderland a new "cruise route" through Homestead Acres. 
I, Tracey Sunderland, leave Mike Kobrenski a smile. 
I, Tracey Sunderland, leave Ryan Herra a button to sew on a sock. 
I, Rodney Perez, leave Christina Bergeron the memories in the Mustang. 
I, Rodney Perez, leave Michelle Coletta, Tawnya Clancy, Heidi Heinz, Bethany Grasso, Mikie Scarp, Shawn Mustapha, and Joe Taveres, all the great times we used 

to have. 
I, Allison Andrews, leave Deana Matthew her wheelbarrow. 
I, Allison Andrews, leave Brenda Wood 8 years of friendship and the year we lost. 
We, the senior girls, leave Jessica Starr a big piece of tape to keep her big mouth shut. 
I, Michelle Lemieux, leave Vicky Lebel and Jen McGrath 12 years of friendship. 
I, Michelle Lemieux, leave Miss Cunningham a fake doctors note. 

We, Heidi Heinz and Scott Bettano leave the scars from our vampire bites to Craig, Cheezy and a warning for the rest of you to watch out. 
I, Heidi Heinz, leave my heart and thanks to Craig, Jen, Bethany, and Troy for the most special friendships anyone could ask for. 
1, Amanda Rufenach, leave Amy Cornellier a scrapbook of our awesome friendship through the good and bad ... six years is a long time but I know we will be 

friends for eternity. 
I, Amanda Rufenach, leave to all my friends a great big thanks for making these high school years the greatest, you are the best and I hope we keep in touch. 
I, Lee Bisson, leave a drivers side airbag to Tammy Barnes. 
I, Lee Bisson, leave tons of nail polish to Kerry Aghoian. 
I, Lee Bisson, leave Cathy Fiorilla some stilts. 

I, Lee Bisson, leave Erin Kelley my blessing on getting a mustang of her very own. 
I, Colleen Kenyon, leave Brandi Burns the best of luck, I'll miss you. 
I, Allison Beaudry, leave Tiffany Daigle Ms. Walsh's boring longlasting accounting II class. 
I, Jennifer Griffin, leave Heidi Heinz the best friendship anyone can ask for. 
I, Jennifer Griffin, leave Eva Januszewski the lemonade she will always be able to drink. 
I, Jennifer Griffin, leave Heidi Heinz our little comments for our special friends. 

We, Mandy Fredette and Bethany Grasso, leave Denny King the classroom rules that mysteriously disappeared. 
We, the 1991-1992 AP US History class leave Mr. Hughes a blowup doll of Angie Debo and a librarian. 
I, Mandy Fredette, leave Beth Ferland many more people to put on our list. 
I, Mandy Fredette, leave Pina Russo many more nights of sleeping in strange places. 
I, Lance Little, leave Joe Pawlick the greatness he never had. 

We, Joe Pawlick, Brian Benoit, and Lance Little, leave Jim Tamis a friendship we used to have. 
We the Senior Class Play cast, leave Ben Hellman the "Grouth of South Alley." 
I, Sabrina Autieri, leave Tawnya Clancy five million more stories to talk about. 
I, Sabrina Autieri, leave Tammy Borucki the memories of our 1 1 years of best friends. 
I, Sabrina Autieri, leave Julie Juknavorian the ability to hold a boyfriend for more than one month. 
I, April McLean, leave Katie and Courtney some more peanut butter and limes. 
I, April McLean, leave Shane and Cheeze a Vienna finger and some Concrete Blonde. 
I, April McLean, leave the ski patrol room 330 and a band-aid for vampire bites. 
We, Jeff DiPrima and Brian Benoit, leave Jim Tamis jumper cables. 
We, the baseball team, leave Joel Copeta a calculator to do his average. 
I, Kate Griffin, leave Courtney Briggs and April McLean one last "date" with Jose. 
I, Kate Griffin, Lance Little our friendship and all the luck in the world for the future. 

I, Craig Richard, leave room 330 a box of Cheezit party mix, a Journey's Greatest Hits CD, and all the memories we shared. (I love you guys!) 
I, Craig Richard, leave Joe Cerami a bra. 

I, Craig Richard, leave Cheezy a meat cleaver! (So he can finally put that toe to rest.) 
I, Kerry Aghoian, leave Carl Sylvester the business department and an accounting book. 
I, Stephanie Roukes, leave Allison Forsythe talking about all our guy problems. 
I, Stephanie Roukes, leave Jamie Rourke the good times we shared. 

I, Stephanie Roukes, leave Theresa Piazza and Amy Brackett our bonding moments at Daytona — "Shanana says Hi." 
I, Aline Wakim, leave Jamie Snow a coat for math class. 
I, Kevin Donahue, leave Sal Amano an Irish flag. 
I, Kevin Donahue, leave Joe Cerami the knowledge to locate Craig Richard so he'll know just how to do his hair. 


I. Kevin Donahue, leave Lance Little a pair of glasses and a trip to the dentist. 

I, Troy Couture, leave Craig, Scott, Shane, Cheezy, and the rest of the gang my fatherly guidance that you will ALL most likely need in later life 

I. Troy Couture, leave Danielle a hug and a kiss to say thank you for making my senior year complete. 

I, Courtney Briggs, leave Cortney Mustapha 12 years of friendship that was almost lost . . . Good luck in the future, I'm sure you'll succeed. 

I, Courtney Briggs. leave Lor. Christina, Katie, Jenn, and Michelle the memories of the "AP" guys and one more ride in the Taurus. 

We, Courtney Briggs and Katie Griffin, leave Joe Cerami a seat next to Sabrina and the one night he always wanted. 

We, the seniors girls in 3rd lunch, leave the sophomore girls in 3rd lunch more people to gossip about and be jealous of. 

I, Colleen Kenyon, leave Lisa Zaremba a band-aid to patch up all the bad times. 

I, Colleen Kenyon, leave Tim and Chris a friendship that will endure the test of time. 

We, MHS athletes, leave Bob Ruggerio a suitcase so he can carry his ego wherever he goes. 

I, Colleen Murray, leave Amanda D. and Amanda F. my friendship, many memories, and much luck in the future. 

I, Colleen Murray, leave Amanda Folley a Depends undergarment and better brakes on her car. 

I, Jenn Bourassa, leave Jamie Lane all my country music tapes to play next gymnastics season. 

I, Jenn Bourassa, leave my "co", Robin Beeley, the memories of 3 awesome gym seasons and one outstanding senior year and the best of luck next year. 

I, Jenn Bourassa, leave Jill Oeullette enough money and the ability to get through the day without breaking something or falling. 

We, Gina Ford and Erin Soley, leave Beth Ferland a 4-year supply of pacifiers so she can shut up anyone at Cornell who disagrees with her. 

We, the AP English class of '93, leave Chris Carney, Jack Brown, and Greg Naffah 3 sows to love. 

I, Beth Ferland, leave Chris my improved attitude, many apologies, and a "straight" path to follow at R.P.I. 

I, Beth Ferland, leave Isobel Burke, A swim coach and the ability to break all the school records. 

I, Beth Ferland. leave Greg Naffah Denny's and January 6th. 

I, Joe Cerami, wish the best of luck and success to the future athletic teams at MHS — "Win another Superbowl." 

I, Joe Cerami, leave Mark Graziano, Jay Danella. and the rest of the MHS football players and Pop Warner through high school the greatest memories of a lifetime. 

I, Remmy Ibraheem, leave Ginny Gianni a stable relationship. 

I, Remmy Ibraheem, leave Sheree Bashford a trillion dollar check for putting up with my attitude and still being a good friend — thanks buddy. 

I, Remmy Ibraheem, leave Kerry Tombarelli a big thanks for giving me a ride to school every morning. 

We, the college English 12 classes, leave Mr. Hallbauer a student who craves a deeper meaning of English literature. 

I, Kim Daly, leave Michelle Coletta a friendship that will last a lifetime. 

I, Brandee Burns, leave Bethany Grasso, Big Ben, Champion Lover, Tequila Slammers, Fat Mexican Boys, my car, tennis lessons, and a U-Haul full of Depends 

I, Jenn McGrath, leave Vicki, Michelle, Holly, Brenda, and Allison all the girl parties and more to come. 
I, Jenn McGrath, leave Amy all the good times in accounting and a quieter laugh. 

I, Amy Cornellier, leave Shannon Collins an ice-cold streak. Coke, and fries . . . also, 100 of my Prodigy letters for when Keith is on tour. 
I, Amy Cornellier, leave Brandi Lambert, Jen Raimondi, and Shannon Collins memories of the best 4 or 5 years that anybody could have. 
I, Chris Leone, leave Allison Lynch luck with men and some Midol. 
I, Chris Leone, leave Sean Dogherty a new queen because "he is the king." 

I, Chris Leone, leave Sabrina Autieri a director that likes her mood swings and someone to "trow it in her" . . . "and a carrot." Also a fire alarm for her locker. 
I, Tawnya Clancy, leave Kathie Rupkey the past 16 years of wonderful memories and many more to come. 
I, Tawnya Clancy, leave Sabrina Autieri, AnnMarie Guy, Tammy Borucki, Jessica Crafton. Rebecca Baldwin, and Christy Caston all of our in-depth classroom 

conversations that will always be classical in my mind. I love you all. 
I, Tawnya Clancy, leave Christina Bergeron, Michelle Coletta, Heidi Heinz, Bethany Grasso, and all the guys, and all my friends the memories of our journeys 

through the stadium and our nights of driving endlessly. 
I, Sheree Bashford, leave Remmy Ibraheem a ten-year supply of sinus spray and a book on etiquette. 
I. Sheree Bashford, leave Mrs. Moynihan a new fan club. 

I, Erin Soley, leave Coach Stott my helmet and a lifetime supply of basketballs to whip at my head. 

I, Erin Soley, leave Melissa Ventrillo and Tracey Sunderland patches so that they can patch up their friendship before they go to college. 
I, Erin Soley, leave my friends my admiration, friendship, and stationary so that we will stay in touch. 
I, Greg Naffah, leave all the girls in AP English all of their problems that I have had to listen to for the past 4 years about guys, make-up, underwear, and especially 

P. M.S. and cramps. 
We, the girls of A. P. Chemistry, leave Ted Dubiel a thermometer with instructions. 

I, Christine Yee, leave Heidi Fearing a year supply of chocolate chip cookies and some tainted with cyanide for your loved one. 
I, Christine Yee, leave the AP Chemistry class a lifetime supply of foreign edible things. 

I, Bethany Grasso, leave my front door open to all my friends with a plate of chicken cutlets waiting in my fridge. 
We, room 201, oops, I mean 207. leave Charlie Towne a new pair of red shorts. 
I, Bethany Grasso, leave April McLean and Heidi Heinz many fubar nights at UMass. 
I, Tracy Novak, leave April McLean a shirt and a lifetime supply of beer. 

I, Tracy Novak, leave Amanda Folley "The Bet," many more times at Denny's, our interesting talks in Psychology, and Word Perfect. 
We, Mr. Fiorentini's Psychology class leave him his stories. 

We, Tracy Novak, Tracey Sunderland, Elaine Samaris, Danielle Riopelle, and Erin Soley, leave the volleyball team "Erkel Power" and backbone. 
I, Lynda Arcidiacono, leave Tammy Borucki all the memories of the good times we had and our friendship that will last forever. 
We, Lynda Arcidiacono and Tammy Borucki, leave David Corsetto a pack of gum and a month supply of better hair days. 
We, Tammy Borucki and Lynda Arcidiacono, leave Robin Beeley the pact we never fulfilled but will this summer. 
I, Jodie Sipsey, leave Jen Hamel a toilet plunger for anymore little accidents she may have in the girls bathroom. 
I, Jodie Sipsey, leave Jill Packard many great memories of being stand partners and friends and a piccolo that will stay in tune. 
I, Chris Frogione, leave Melissa Ventrillo a date with Mike Kobrenski. 
I, Chris Frogione, leave Beth Ferland a new attitude. 

I, Jen Raimondi, leave Ryan Provencher all the good memories of our 2 and a half years together. 
I, Jen Raimondi, leave Amy Cornellier the memory of Active Attack. 
I, Jen Raimondi, leave Craig McKenzie a pack of cigarettes for Mrs. Krusell's English class. 
I, Amy Cornellier, leave Beth Ferland a hit from a tailpipe. 

I, Elaine Samaris, leave Cortney Mustapha a lifetime supply of cars so she'll always have something to drive her dates around in. 
I, Elaine Samaris, leave Tracey Sunderland a winning season. 
I, Cortney Mustapha, leave Beth Fox a license to drive the wrong way down a one-way street, a fat-free Entemann's chocolate crumb cake, and a lifetime supply of 

Jeff's and Dennis's. 
I, Robin Quinlan, leave Ariskelda Inoa an alarm clock so she can get to school on time for once. 
I, Robin Beeley, leave Jenn Bourassa a American Pie and an orange tree. 

I, Robin Beeley, leave Tammy Borucki and Lynda Arcidiacono a tape recorder to hear themselves giggling all the time. 
I, Amy Brackett, leave Theresa Piazza and Stephanie Roukes the memories of our trip to Daytona Beach, Florida. 
I, Amy Brackett, leave Amanda Rufenach the EGO tow truck from Maine. 

I, Lori Jankowski, leave Christina, Katie, and Courtney the past years of friendship and many more good times. 
I, Lori Jankowski, leave Christina Bergeron another road to park on. 

I, Brian Collins, leave Jenn Bourassa a set of eyes that makes a non-successful attempt that hide my feelings within. 

I, Brian Collins, leave the class of 1993 memories that stem not only from a yearbook, but from their hearts, of four years that I hope they shall never forget 
I, Brian Collins, leave Beth Ferland and emotional beat up doll so the innocent students at Cornell may be spared from her non-caring, stone-hearted wrath. 
We, the senior class of 1993, leave Beth Ferland a cork — where she puts it and what she does with it is her own business. 
We, the yearbook staff, leave Jason Danella an honorary position. 





A Few Good Men 

Indecent Proposal 


Jurasic Park 



Denzel Washington 
Ted Danson 
Tom Cruise 

Sharon Stone 
Demi Moore 
Julia Louise-Dreyfus 
Amy Cornelier 

T.V. Shows ™ 

Home Improvement 
Beavis + Butthead 




Barry Bonds 
Shaquille O'Neil 
Charles Barkley 
Michael Jordan 
Shannon Miller 

Janet Jackson 
Whitney Houston 
Eric Clapton 
Bobby Brown 
Billy Joel 

Pearl Jam 


Boys to Men 

Soul Asylum 

En Vogue 



Oh What a Night 

I Will Always Love You 

End of the Road 

A Whole New World 

Freak Me 



Batman Returns 



The Dark Half 

Woody Allen 

The entire 90210 cast 

The entire 90210 cast 



T.V. Shows « ghK 

jf% Saved by the Bell 


Monica Seles 
The Patriots 
Butch Hobson 

Michael Jackson 


Joey Lawrence 

Eddie Murphy 




Jump Around 
Mr. Wendal 


The Year in Review 


Hurricane Andrew destroys parts of South 
Florida and Louisiana. 

The U.N. Security Council votes to send 
more troops to Bosnia. 


Ross Perot reenters the presidential race. 

The 500th anniversary of Columbus's 
arrival in the new world is observed. 

The Toronto Blue Jays win the World 
Series and become the first Canadian team 
to do so. 


Arkansas governor Bill Clinton is elected 
president and Tennessee senator Al Gore 
Jr. vice-president. 


American troops are sent to Somalia to 
feed the starving. 

Prince Charles and Princess Diana split. 


The Dallas Cowboys beat the Buffalo Bills 
to win the Superbowl. 

The oil tanker Braer spills millions of 
gallons of oil in the Shetland Isles. 


The World Trade Centers in New York are 
bombed by terrorists. 

David Koresh and his Branch Davidian 
followers kill 4 federal agents and begin a 
standoff with the F.B.I, in their compound 
outside of Waco, Texas. 


The east coast, from Alabama to Maine, is 
hit by a snowstorm that kills 18. It is 
dubbed the "Blizzard of '93" and "The 
Storm of the Century" 


The Branch Davidian compound outside of 
Waco, is consumed in flames, killing 
almost 90, and ending the 51 day siege 
with the F.B.I. 

Two police officers are found guilty and 
two are found not guilty in the Rodney 
King beating case. 


Women get the O.K. to compete for 
assignments in aircraft engaged in combat 


Montreal beats L.A. to win the Stanley 

The Chicago Bulls beat the Phoenix Suns 
in six games to "3-peat". 

The Way it Was 

Farewell To 

U.S. Population 

No. of people w/H.I.V. 

Americans w/H.I.V. 

3-Bedroom Home 

Average Income 

Price of a New Ford 

Gasoline, 1 gallon 

Bread, 1 pound 

First Class Stamp 

Candy Bar 

Soft Drink, 16 oz. 

Compact Disc 


Video Tape Rental 

Milk, 1 gallon 


M.H.S. Lunch 

1993 Yearbook 


12,000,000 + 

1,000,000 + 
















Cheers (T.V. Show), Wonder Years (T.V. Show), 
Larry Bird (Basketball Player — retired), Kevin 
McHale (Basketball Player — retired), Arthur Ashe 
(Tennis Player/Humanitarian — died of A.I.D.S.), 
Drazen Petrovich (Basketball Player — died in auto 
accident), John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie (Trumpet 
Player — died of cancer), Ms. Demers (M.H.S. 
guidance councilor — retired) . . . METHUEN 
HIGH (An awesome high school) 



Video Tape Rentals, Sales, 
Equipment Rentals, Repairs 

234 Pleasant Street 

Methuen, MA 01844 

(508) 794-0068 

Stanely J. Wojtas Jr. 
General Manager 






The Methuen Journal 

Methuen 's hometown weekly newspaper 




Best Wishes Class of 1993 


143 Merrimack Street 


THUEN, MA 01844 

1 -800-245-WALL 








Stephen M. Weisner 

Board Certified 






466 Lowell St. 
Methuen, MA 01844 


N. Andover (508) 686-8007 
Methuen (508) 683-3433 

Best Wishes to the Graduates and Families 

of the 

Class of 1993 

Dr. George F. Boes, D.M.D. 

Dr. David K. Springwater, D.D.S. 

15 Burnham Road 

Methuen, Massachusetts 01844 

(508) 686-3001 

Good Luck Class of 1993 

- The Dewhirst Family 


Robichaud Hardware, Inc. 

Robert J. Robidoux 

45 Hampshire St. 
Methuen, MA 01844 
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(508) 682-2695 
(508) 688-4227 

— — 


American Association of 




Specialists in Orthodontics 




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Lawrence Floor Covering 




Front Row Sports Bar 


19 Broadway 

Methuen, Ma 

687- 9309 


~®8 M P 


1S4B Haverhill Street 

Methuen, Mass. 01844 



(508) 686-0826 

Bill DePardo 

Bob DePardo 

Merrimack Valley Sports, Inc 

hockey shop 

Softball & Baseball Equipment 

Team uniforms & Jackets 

Baseball cards 

(603) 894-6006 

Route 28, 380 B south Broadway, Salem, nh 03079 






Royal House of Pizza 
And Roast Beef 

464 Lowell St., Rte. 110 

Methuen, MA 01844 

(508) 794-4996 


300 Broadway 

Methuen, MA 01844 




K< 1 


e (§iht Sanger BltBgpz 

154B Haverhill St. 
Merrimac Plaza 
Methuen. MA 01844 

Judith A. Beeley CTC 



Methuen High 
School Store 









What Is The Meaning? 

What is the meaning of high school? 
Two simple words at a glance. 
But in essence these words are complex, 
Insuring hard work, struggle, and chance. 

What is the meaning of growing up? 

It could mean going from short to tall. 

But anyone who has been challenged by high school, 

Knows this isn't the meaning at all. 

What is Methuen High School? 

A place with books, pencils, and pens? 

Or is it a place to mature, 

While making precious memories and friends? 

What is the Class of '93? 
Another year within a closed book? 
If you open the pages to our lives, 
You will have another outlook. 

The Class of '93 is fueled by hope, 
To build a world that shows 
Nineteen ninety-three is the year, 
That opens a book that will never close. 

The challenges the world will bring, 
And the favors the world will ask, 
Will be conquered, not just answered 
By our powerful, determined class. 

— Chrisann Sevoian 

\g^JE ; 

1 ' i""~fS 

B: -■■■■«■*•*■ .. 


.. . ■ "-•"» 



'"■ -'■\: )i 4 -:■-*' 

■ - ■■